Raelecia Husbands shares beauty tips for Christmas season

Raelecia Tiffanie Husbands has been a makeup artist and nail technician since she was 17 years old. Although she spent a short time working in the corporate world, her love for artistry and the beauty industry took her right back to where she started. Being a young mother had a huge part to play in her decision to follow her heart and step into the world of beauty full-time. This decision allowed her to have a career as well as the necessary flexibility to care for her daughter. Today, Raelecia is known by many for her fabulous nail techniques and her range of makeup looks for multiple events. We caught up with Raelecia to learn more about her journey and to find out her best tips for the Christmas season. This is what she had to share: 

Tell us what you love most about being in the beauty industry?

One of the things I love the most about being in the beauty industry is the opportunity to meet all sorts of different women. My clients range from teenagers to mature women, all with different stories and backgrounds. The interaction is always good whenever we are together. 

What’s one thing your clients can really count on you for? 

My clients really can count on me for punctuality and timeliness. I’m not perfect and there are times something may cause an appointment to run late but eight out of 10 times my timing is on point and it’s something for which my clients always share their appreciation. 

What part of the makeup routine you love doing the most and why?

When it comes to makeup, lips are definitely my favourite thing to do, there’s so much power in a great lippie, it can really take a simple look to another level effortlessly. 

What exciting nail trends do you suggest we try this Christmas?

My go-to nail trend for this Christmas – definitely chromes and soap bubble nails, it’s a super cool look when paired together and it is one of the hottest trends for the season. My clients and I actually planned to save this banger for the week leading up to Christmas. 

Tell us about the three best achievements/milestones in your life or profession. 

I’ve always wanted to be able to have a flexible lifestyle that accommodates travel. I’ve definitely accomplished that even though I have to put in extra work to take the time off. As a nail tech I was super happy to attend Chaun Legend’s nail class. It was huge for me because he’s a big inspiration to me. As a makeup artist, I was completely overwhelmed when I met Sam Fine, he’s from the old school but still very relevant and I feel like he made the way for a lot of people in the beauty industry, he is also a huge inspiration for me. 

What are three to four makeup and nail care tips you are giving us?

My go to makeup tips will always be to make sure you’re properly moisturised. It is super important for great application. Also, never use black ‘anything’ on eyebrows, even if you have dark hair, the darkest you should go is dark brown it helps give a more natural finish. As for nails, don’t be afraid to use cuticle oil at any given time. Our hands are constantly in water so it helps with any dryness in that area. I will also advise women to fill (nails) on time. That goes a long way in preventing nail damage.  

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