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Fashion month around the world recently came to an end, and everyone is on the lookout for what’s trending. Just like the seasons change, so do trends, and that’s the fun part. Sure, changing your wardrobe ever so often is quite unnecessary, but every season a few key styles emerge. We all want to add to those styles to make them daring, if not, just a bit more exciting. 

So what are the current trends?

•Tiny bags

When this trend first emerged on the Jacquemus runway in 2018 as part of his namesake line, he called this three-inch bag “Le Sac Chiquito”. It didn’t stop there for in 2019, he returned with the two-inch Mini Le Chiquito, and although ridiculous with a hefty price tag, one must admit that it is adorable. Since its debut, it has been well-loved and emulated by major brands such as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Chloe.

What can you fit in these ‘teeny, tiny’ bags? Honestly, not much except for (maybe) some cash or a card. Keys won’t fit, lipstick might fit, your phone most likely won’t fit. Impractical? Yes! Cute? Also yes! 

•Millennial Purple

Last year, millennial pink took over, this year, get ready for ‘Millennial Purple.’ Piggybacking off the intense Pantone 2018 colour of the year, Ultraviolet, this light lilac has taken over runways and is steadily showing up not just in fashion but in home décor and furniture. The colour, said to be inspired by the ‘Sulky Teenager’, has been described as “moody, yet sweet” and “both happy and sad at the same time.” It apparently adds just the right amount of drama and mystery to any outfit or room since it has an air of sophistication and subtlety.
This soft colour adds the right amount of femininity to any outfit whether it’s an accent or the entire thing. If you don’t intend to do this trend from head to toe, like on the runways of Tom Ford or Rodarte, incorporating it into accessories such as jewellery or shoes are your best bet. 

•The Renaissance 

You know what they say – “Fashion is a cycle”. It is indeed,  for the period between the 14th and 17th century is still inspiring pieces in the 21st century. We’re talking square necklines, puffy sleeves, corsets, elaborate collars and jewellery with gothic motifs or bright with large outrageous gemstones. However, the clothing has been updated with modern prints and closely fitting silhouettes all the way through, rather than dramatic skirting.
This style might be a little more difficult to adapt to your wardrobe, but if you want to add texture and flashy pieces with loads of colour then this is the way to go. If collars are too much, then slightly puffed sleeves can add the flair of dramatic you’re looking for without being over the top. Renaissance era jewellery also easily adds the right amount of flashiness to an otherwise dressed down outfit. 

•Sculpted Necklines 

Sometimes you just have to add the drama with a sculpted neckline. From cutouts to asymmetrical, halter necks and more, this trend was seen on the runways of Carolina Herrera and Zimmerman for 2019.
Out of the set of trends, this one is easily the most wearable since there’s a stylish neckline to suit every taste. It can be incorporated into almost any wardrobe to add a little something extra without going over the top. 

What 2019 trends did you have your eyes on? 

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