Overall Band of The Year winners, K2K Alliance and Partners launched its 2020 Collection

It’s funny how you obtain complimentary tickets, with premium seating to the show that you did not expect to attend – the one called “Welcome to the circus called life”. In this gloriously traumatic drama, there is no official trailer or snippets of the storyline, alerting you of what to expect. There are no rewinds to give you do-overs or pauses on your favourite scenes. There are no fast-forwards to skip tragedy. Instead, you have to engage in the plot as they present themselves, never knowing if you will survive this season, or even if you would like the finale. What is inevitable – in between the scenes, in between the twists, and in between all-the-in-betweens – you will ultimately discover your character’s purpose in the show. 

With that said, K2K Alliance and Partners, the 2019 Overall Band Of The Year winners, has launched its 2020 Collection, The Greatest Show, with the circus being the analogy for this topsy-turvy ride called life. 

K2K’s Collection, which is inspired by themes from the circus, debuted five sections in its 2020 presentation, with each section drawing inspiration from the rides, the characters and the circus acts that can be found in the amusement park:

Defying Gravity (Hot Air Balloons) – speaks to man’s limitlessness – that is, man’s performance measures should not be defined by sex, race, religion or sexual preference. Thus, defying gravity speaks to equality for all, and the limitless possibilities that we all possess.

The Merry-go-round (Carousel) – This section talks to life’s cyclical nature, with events sometimes coming back full circle. Likewise, life is also like a yo-yo, with the individual experiencing momentous highs, while simultaneously balancing discords (lows) of life’s journey.

The Power of Believing (Dumbo) – inspired by the Disney movie, Dumbo, taking on a more hopeful storyboard talking to having enough faith in oneself to believe that anything is possible.   

Gary Jordan Photography ©2019

The Ring of Fire (The Tiger & The Ring of Fire) – illustrates that quite often, we are burnt by people, by experience or by the system. The campaign talks to the impact of the socio-political environment on the individual, and demonstrates how policy can burn the innocent. 

Gary Jordan Photography ©2019

Send in the Clowns (Clowns & Clown Cars) – whose imagery has also taken on a more sober tone, campaign represents, when you hit rock bottom, the only thing left to do is send in the clowns.

Gary Jordan Photography ©2019

Although the circus is positioned as a world of imagination for children, the show tackled social issues and current themes, with a rating of “M” for mature audiences. The premiere addressed topics like homosexuality, divorce, and bullying, with the finale talking to the power of believing, just to name a few. K2K’s campaigns for its 2020 Collection are meant to tell more of a visual story. The photography focuses on two of K2K’s three pillars, The Mas, which was revealed at the show, The Fashion and The Look, while keeping with the brand’s vision, “Fashion meeting mas, with a purpose”, with the aim being to inspire, educate and stimulate conversation.  

Ultimately the K2K Alliance and Partners brand is nothing without its supporters and masqueraders. K2K Alliance would like to say a special thank you to everyone for the seven-year journey thus far, and ask that you join them in 2020 for ‘The Greatest Show’.

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