Getting over the JAVa blues

As we were often told the weekend prior to the beginning of the Christmas term, “free paper bun.” No more waking up late whether you were on vacation or simply stealing an extra half hour since there would be minimal traffic or staying up late (not for social activities anyway). That’s it folks, JAVa (July-August Vacation) has officially come to an end and with it sprouts the dawn of a new season.

Memories don’t leave like people do

It’s okay to reminisce a bit, even if you practice being present. A lit JAVa means reliving those memories – am I right? Whether it was the carefree days or the eventful nights, recalling these memories help to validate our lives. They allow us to remember people and things important to us and add value to self. This only becomes an issue though, if you realise that all you are doing is wishing it was still July or August instead of celebrating what September has to offer. Afterall, there will never be another September 2019 so get out of your head and into this day.

Set small daily/weekly intentions

It’s easy to get caught up in the bigger picture sometimes, not realising the power that lies in crushing little goals each day. It is these tiny things that make up the big ones after all. Perhaps one task completed today can get you closer to accomplishing a major goal on your vision board. For instance, wake up five minutes earlier every day for a week to complete a plank challenge. Before you know it a week turns into four and just like that you’ve improved your fitness level.

Use your Sunday wisely

Reclaiming your time is crucial to giving and living your best life. The same way in which running apps deplete our phone batteries, the same way all the tabs of your life expend your energy. It is ideal to take at least an hour for yourself each day, to do something that benefits only you. Whether it be staring at the ceiling or star gazing, reading or any form of movement – it doesn’t matter what it looks like to others, once you feel fulfilled and recharged. Sunday is a day to put that same acton into overdrive. After a long week at work, after all the chores and errands on Saturday, Sunday should be used to unwind and also to mentally prepare for the upcoming week. It is a day that should be balanced with reflection of what is past and a hopeful look toward what is yet to come.

The way I see it, JAVa is even more fun because of the following months that juxtapose it. We must be able to let loose then regroup. The final third of the year is somewhat like a homestretch to accomplish goals sought out for the time. There are new things to experience at this time and if all else fails, you can always look forward to Christmas.

A firm believer in meeting you where you are for your health and wellness goals, Zakiya-Tuere Savary is a budding health educator with a passion for dance; fulfilling her purpose one health-promoting tip at a time. Follow her on IG @tueretalks

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