Dressed for the Occasion- Rainy Season

Dressing for the weather in Trinidad and Tobago can be frustrating. One minute you’re near melting, the next it’s rain, thunderstorm, lightning strikes and heavy wind. Currently, we’re in the rainy season and getting caught in a shower and having to go to work, school or maybe out for lunch soaking wet is less than ideal. You’re probably wondering what you already have in your closet that can be worn for those rainy days ahead.
Well, here are some quick tips to make dressing for the rainy days a bit easier:

Say no to tight clothing

Tight clothing that becomes waterlogged is a sure recipe for chafing and general discomfort. They cling to your body causing friction and skin irritation, making it uncomfortable to continue on with your day. Looser outfits allow air to pass through easier so you and your clothing dry faster, and if you have absolutely no choice but to stay in them, they’re less likely to rub against your skin and cause irritation.

Choose Fabrics Wisely 

Fabric gets heavier when wet and some also have a lengthy drying time. So, picking fabrics that dry quickly and don’t cling to your body are a plus – denim should be your absolute last outfit choice since it gets extremely heavy when wet and also takes a very long time to dry. Your best choice are synthetic fabrics since they:

-Can be easily made into waterproof fabrics 

-Have a quick drying time.

The most common synthetic fibres you can find are Polyester, Nylon and Spandex and though they may not be wearable every day, they come in handy on a rainy day.

Wear Dark Colours

In addition to rain, what else does the rainy season bring? The answer is muddy puddles which somehow seem to get splashed on you although you tried everything to avoid it. Dark colours help hide stains easier in the event you do get splashed on and, if, unfortunately, one day you get soaked, dark clothing isn’t as see through as lighter clothing (think of a white, cotton top getting drenched and you’d get the picture). If you’re layering pieces you can still take the chance and wear something lighter that goes on the inside, but, if not, stick to the darker shades just to be safe.

Opt for cropped pants, or skirts/dresses

Unless you want your hems to be dragging through each and every puddle, you might want to try a pair of cropped trousers or something that hits knee-length or just below the knee (if it’s for work). If you easily get chilly, or generally don’t like your legs exposed, skirts and dresses can easily be paired with leggings (not cotton but a synthetic fibre) to make a cute outfit that’s also functional for a rainy day. 

Some bonus tips – avoid any tight footwear that easily absorbs water because that spells bacterial growth and you don’t want that. When it comes to bags, something that zips entirely shut and has a polyester lining is best so that all your belongings don’t get soaked. The most obvious tip is to carry an umbrella and also a plastic bag in case where you’re heading to doesn’t have a place to store umbrellas. With that being said, I think you’re fully prepared now to dress your best for this rainy season.

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