Surviving JAVa

If you’re not sure what JAVa stands for, it’s possible you probably don’t have one…or aren’t enjoying it. Contrary to the belief of some it is not “some sort of computer thing” or even coffee. In this case, it means ‘July/August Vacation’. However, this year it has taken on an identity of its own as everyone has been using it in both day-to-day conversation and some form or fashion to advertise upcoming social events. With that being said, we’re halfway through JAVa, but it’s not too late to incorporate some habits that you will be thankful for when September hits.


Anything can happen, but also these days have been really hot and you can’t live your best life if you are thirsty, both literally and figuratively. One of the running motifs of JAVa is drinks of the alcoholic persuasion flowing ever so freely. As much as your conscience can be your guide in terms of your individual alcoholic intake, it is also easy to get a bit carried away based on the context in which these beverages are consumed. It’s all fun and games until you need your stomach pumped. The only way to ensure this doesn’t cramp your style is to get your eight glasses of water in, or at least listen to your body when you wake up ridiculously thirsty after a night of downing alcohol on the rocks. Coconut water is your friend and will never betray you and fruits like watermelon will not lead you astray either. 


Endless late nights turned early mornings are fun until they start catching up with you; very often seen on your face. To combat this, ensure you get more than a few down days in JAVa too. For longevity, we’ve got to take care of our minds, bodies and souls. So whether it’s going to the beach or just indulging in low impact activity that nourishes these three, be sure to pace yourself without comparing to anyone else. #PumpIsPump, but no two queens’ pump would ever be the same and that’s okay. Bonus: your pockets can definitely benefit too and you’ll be able to save some finances for a rainy day.


Literally! Even a power nap is better than no sleep at all. Believe me even #TeamNoSleep, sleeps when people aren’t looking. I would have previously mentioned the importance of sleep, especially for mental health, but just to recap, sleep deprivation, no matter the cause, can have cortisol levels spike for an extended period of time and that’s no good as it can really impair judgement (among other things). 

Whatever you decide to refer to this period as, one thing is for sure – it comes around every year and this advice is timeless. Remember to pace yourself if you indulge in alcohol and balance the high energy pumps with the lazy days; you will definitely appreciate both more as they juxtapose each other. Lastly, prioritise nap time as best as you can. ‘Issa hot gyal’ JAVa, but there are 19 more sleeps until September so let’s make them count.

A firm believer in meeting you where you are for your health and wellness goals, Zakiya-Tuere Savary is a budding health educator with a passion for dance; fulfilling her purpose one health-promoting tip at a time. Follow her on IG @tueretalks

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