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Mikelle Singh is an enthusiastic, growing entrepreneur. Her career in Human Resources began even before she attended the School of Business and Computer Science where she pursued a course of study in Business Management. This education continues to contribute to the advancement of her career and in the day-to-day operations of her businesses. It was during the early stages of her Human Resources career when the spark to relate to others on a new and more intimate level was formed. Mikelle then pursued professional accreditations in makeup artistry and launched her first business, Kiss and Makeup by Mikelle in 2016. Her entrepreneurial spirit further propelled her to launch PropUp.TT, a photo booth service, two years later. As a mother of one, Mikelle values family time and simple pleasures in life. 

One thing your customers can really count on you for?

I believe my customers can definitely count on me for a makeup look tailored to their demand and one which perfectly suits their personality. 

Which step do you love the most when doing makeup and why? 

When I stand before my client face-to-face while she is wearing no makeup, it really allows me to connect with her in a way that is far deeper than the surface level. I can truly assess the client’s makeup needs. There is no cookie cutter for makeup artistry. Individuals bring their unique identity and expectation. As a makeup artist, you are not just applying makeup to someone to enhance their best features but you are also a listener, confidante and friend. 

Tell us about your best achievement/milestones.

I must say firstly that I am very proud of being a mother, and motherhood is one of my greatest milestones. In addition to that I would say being able to pursue my passion and the establishment of my business.

How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends? 

By paying attention to social media, while remaining cognizant of its inherent ills, and keeping in touch with other seasoned makeup artists, I keep abreast of the latest trends. It is worth noting that it is critical to remain grounded in a very material and surface world. 

What are three makeup tips you can give to us? 

Skincare – start with a basic routine that involves washing and moisturising your face at least twice daily and never go to bed wearing makeup. 

Foundation matching – ensure that the foundation you are wearing is your correct shade. When testing shades, always do so on your forehead. 

Brow – when applying brows, always use feathery strokes for a more natural appearance. 

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