Heeling Queens Official: More than ‘just’ dancing in Heels

Dance is great for your health in more ways than one. Physically, it keeps you as fit as a fiddle. It is one of the only Sports (yes, because dancers are athletes) that engages the entire body all of the time. While passion makes a dancer great, a strong core also helps. It aids in accurate weight distribution which reduces the risk of injury when dancing in heels. Mentally, it keeps the brain sharp by improving cognitive learning as one is required to remember choreography by doing it repeatedly when performing in the class. The bonds made in the class can also improve mood through socialisation. Lastly, it holds emotional benefits as well since the physical activity of dance raises your heart rate and so too, the release of endorphins (the feel-good hormones)

Dancing, alone, is a skill. Dancing in heels takes it up a notch as it takes a great amount of practice to master this art. You may have seen #HeelingQueens populating your social media feeds recently as we are fresh on the heels of celebrating two years in existence. Happy Birthday to us! We could not be more excited for what we have accomplished thus far and we are stoked to continue forging on with these good works.

Dancer, teacher and mentor Katherine ‘Katie C’ Carrera is the epitome of “…and though she be but little, she is fierce.” When seen in real life, people are marvelled at how tiny she is in comparison to seeing her on camera. Catching up with her revelling in yet another professional accomplishment, Katie admitted that her goal was always to “impact women’s lives positively by holistically creating and harnessing bonds between the woman you see in the mirror and the other women in class.” She added, “Feeling sexy is a by-product of being confident and Heeling Queens was created to give women the platform to discover and unleash their feminine side and to explore and strengthen their individual voices through movement without fear of judgement.”

Although a little over two years ago, Kate was teaching commercial style classes and expressed how much she wanted to teach in heels as well. I figure you can guess my response because here we are two years later. “Start!” I said to her, “You have the experience and the knowledge. You’ve learnt from the best and the local dance community will benefit from it.” Of course, there was some hesitation with follow-up questions, but I reminded her that she would definitely get support and the impact would be long-reaching, even if not immediately.

Her dream expanded as she included a few of her long-time students (and friends) to teach as well. Each of us from varying dance backgrounds, versatile in our own right.

Eva-Maria Flus admitted that, “Heeling Queens is nothing less than a movement of empowerment, liberation and solidarity through the art of dance. It is unity, and that makes it powerful”. She is an avid salsa dancer with a keen eye for detail and arm flair.

Kacy is a gymnast who slays hip hop. She insisted, “The amazing women I met in the Heeling Queens experience had such a positive impact on my life and who I am as a person. This is a safe space of women’s empowerment through physical, mental and emotional development. You have to experience it to understand.”

Heeling Queens represents something bigger than I myself as I mainly identify with the contemporary style as I was initially trained in Ballet, Modern and Jazz at the Caribbean School of Dancing. It has grown to highlight the resilience of women from varying backgrounds and the strength that is found within and around us in our femininity. This is not just about women feeling sexy, strong and confident, if you’ve ever wanted to embrace the woman in you through dance, heeling queens is a great place to start.


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  1. This sounds so wonderful and just what I would love to get involved in re: my physical and mental well being as an over 40 mother. I am not a professional dancer but I love dancing. Can I please have some information on how I go about contacting Heeling Queens?

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