2019 Fete Essentials according to the experts

There is no doubt that Trinbagonians love to party and with a carnival season that’s filled with fetes (this year we have the usual big names plus 30 new additions) we’re in for a show. Of course while we’re all excited to have a good time it’s important to look our best. I mean with so many photographers around, we always want to be camera ready right? After all, carnival is a time to show up and show off. Chances are, if you’re a typical trinbagonian woman, you fall into one of two extremes; you either have all your outfits planned long in advance for the season or you’re rushing to the malls and boutiques the day before an all-inclusive or cooler fete to pull together your fresh kit. Either way there is one key thing we want you to keep in mind with your outfit planning and that is accessories.

We can’t stress how important it is to accessorize! Often times we women plan a million stunning outfits but forget to add the finishing touches. During the carnival season, your choice of accessories can be a lifesaver when added to your outfits. I mean realistically what are you going to use to store away your personal items and money while you’re jumping up? Since it’s still early in the season, it’s wise to have these things thought out so you can do your carnival shopping and be prepared. We know it’s not always easy for you to remember everything that you should have for fetes so that’s why we turned to a few people that would be able to best advise you based on their experience in the field and
help prevent any unfortunate feteing incidents. With that being said, here are what the experts say are some essential accessories for this year’s fetes.

Cross Body Bag

In all the excitement, I want you to ask yourself how often you actually remember to plan a look that includes an accessory to carry along your personal items in a functional yet fashionable way. Let me guess, you typically grab any available bag you have that might match or you just stuff all your belongings in your boyfriend’s pockets? According to stylist Jihan Roberts, a cross body bag is a major fete essential because it’s easy to wear and can save you the pain of carrying around a clutch or having to balance everything in your hands while you’re trying to have a good time. Truth be told, as women we typically try to stuff our purses with everything, making them heavy and a bit annoying to carry around while we’re trying to wine and fling it up. However, having a cross body bag saves you the hassle as it’s a perfect catch all for the things you may use without coming in the way of you having a good time. Consider adding at least two styles to your collection of accessories in colours that can compliment most outfits such as black, white, navy or brown.

Shades / Sunglasses

Ok so this may not come as a surprise to you, but most women own at least one pair of sunglasses whether it be designer or cheap frames that just look good. Stylist Keylon Whitlock tells us that shades are a must-have, especially for sunrise parties. You don’t want to be one of those persons that arrives at the party at 4am when it’s obviously dark then 2.5 hours later, four drinks in and after jumping up with your day ones the sun is on full blast and you are WITHOUT Shades. While we may all own a pair, we don’t always remember to take them along with us. This simple accessory makes the perfect addition to your daytime look at a breakfast party and it’s also functional because you can continue having a good time without suffering from the sun’s rays beaming into your eyes. Not to mention, if you’ve sweated off a lash, no one can tell behind your fabulous pair of frames. Now that doesn’t mean you should take your most expensive sunglasses to potentially lose or damage them. If you’re worried about the costly Prada frames, keep them at home and invest in some cheaper styles that you know can still complete your look.

Visor hat

In 2018 we saw visors becoming trendy again. In addition to hot sunglasses to wear at the summer parties, people also began looking for cute visor hats as a way to secure some shade while still looking cute and partying in the sun. Since we’ve already told you to secure your sunglasses for those breakfast parties, if you’re looking for an additional fashion statement while still protecting your skin from the sun, consider having a visor hat added to your accessories list. Risanne Martin, fashion designer and stylist, reminded us that visors are a daytime fete essential although they don’t serve much of a purpose for the more common night fetes. Whether you plan to get one suitable for your morning fetes or to wear on carnival Monday for the road, a cute visor is a great accessory to bring the shade while you show off this carnival season.

Compact mirror with powder

Fashion blogger and stylist Sinead Butcher tells us how important it is to have a cute compact mirror with powder to touch up after jumping up 10 times to famaLAYLAYLAYLAY. No woman should spend the rest of the night after taking time to look cute for a fete, looking oily and shiny. Perfect for an on-the-go touch up that you can run off to the ladies’ room to do. Keep in mind that you’ll want to go with pressed powder rather than loose powder since pressed powder is less likely to leak out all over the bag you’ll be using. It typically comes with its own applicator so you don’t have to carry
a separate brush, and just in case there’s a long line of women waiting to use the mirrors you’d already be prepared with your own.

Lipstick /Lip gloss

Abigail Thomas, fashionista and online clothing boutique owner, says that a lady should always have her lipstick/ lip gloss on her during a fete for touch ups between eating and drinking. Especially at the all-inclusive fetes, although you’re going to look great and
have a good time, you will more than likely be visiting the food area and premium bars to eat and drink a lot and get all your monies’ worth. That doesn’t mean that you should lose the look of your perfect red lips after you fill your stomach. An easy way to overcome this issue is by having your lipstick or lip gloss with you in case it smudges or comes off entirely. That way you can return to the partying and capturing your best selfies for the night while still looking fabulous.

Fanny pack

Fashion designer and stylist Risanne Martin reminds us that a waist bag/fanny pack makes for an essential fete accessory. Just like the cross body bag, it’s keeping all personal items safe during a fete and can be used when playing mas too. There are so many different patterns, textures and colors available to purchase all over the island at a reasonable cost and of course it’s easy to style with your fete look. Waist bags/fanny packs can be worn in many different ways, for example it can be worn similarly to a cross body bag or casually hanging off your hips, accentuating your curves.

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