How to Motivate Yourself for Carnival (now that registration has officially started)



The fastest way to get into the workout mood is to buy a new workout wardrobe to motivate you. While we’re not saying to go drop your life savings on all new gear, invest in a few new pieces to really kick start your drive. Whether it’s a new tank top with a motivational saying, a pair of tights you’ve been wanting or even a new sneaker to take you from gym to street, it’ll help to get you back in that workout grind mindset. Plus, there’s nothing more motivating than buying something a little tight and working until it fits you perfectly. And, we’re firm believers in the motto that when you look good, you feel good, so nothing will make you feel like a boss babe like a new outfit and a fresh attitude to start carnival prep right.



If you know you tend to slack off a few weeks into your ‘new lifestyle’ (we’ve all been there), then you probably need an accountability partner or even, an accountability group. Find a person, or a group of people, you trust to motivate you to keep going on your fitness journey. Then, when you’re at the gym, snap a selfie – whether it’s mid-workout, post-workout sweat or even just showing how many calories you burned. Having lunch? Show your group your smart, healthy choices, and help each other to make better choices when it comes to eating and working out, so you’re less likely to fall off the wagon, and more likely to be frontline-ready come March.



The easiest way to stay on track is to love what you’re doing. If you’re enjoying going to a workout class, it’s not going to feel miserable or like you’re going to the gym. The more excited you are about working out and getting physical, the more often you’re going to want to, and the easier it’s going to be to become a part of your routine. If you go to a gym, ask the front desk for their workout class schedule, and try to drop into one or two to see how you feel. Don’t want to go alone? Drag a friend (or an accountability partner!). Whether it’s a cardio circuit class, a spin class or even mellowing out at yoga, finding something you enjoy will help you to stay on track – even past carnival.



Let’s face it: this isn’t going to be an overnight journey. In fact, there are going to be times when you just don’t understand how you don’t have abs yet? Patience. It’ll come. Keep at it. But the best way to stay motivated is to see your progress. At the beginning, write down your measurements in a book, as well as your weight, and once or twice a month, track both to see your progress. It also helps if you take pictures. Sometimes, the scale won’t budge, but your body changes so much. This happens when your fat to muscle ratio begins to change. But most of all, have patience. It takes 4 weeks for you to notice change, 8 weeks for your friends and family, and 12 weeks until the world can see it.

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