Why Men Cheat: A Horn is a Horn

If could happen to Beyonce, it can possibly happen to you. If you think I’m talking about sold out shows and millions of adoring fans, I’m not. I’m talking about getting ‘horn’. It’s happened to so many Trinis that it seems to have become a way of life. There are songs dedicated the practice, drinks have been named after it and of course many people are a product of it. There is a reason why your cousin Tony looks nothing like his dad but is the splitting image of his neighbour. Every guy has their reasons, I suppose. Here are some reason why men cheat:


Believe it or not, some men deliberately cheat their way out of a relationship. Instead of coming clean about their desire to move on, they will instead have sex with someone else without even really trying to cover their tracks. Believe it or not, they want to get caught.

What truly scares the shit out of guys is the woman who decides to stay knowing fully well she is being cheated on. But I digress. This is the mark of a man who thinks that cheating is easier that confronting the real issue, that maybe it’s simpler than breaking up with the person and moving on than all the games.


I’ve spoken to many guys that cheat throughout their relationship without any kind of remorse. They all have the same reasoning – they do it because an opportunity to shag something strange happened. By strange, I mean, new pussy. They aren’t experiencing any problems in their relationship or anything like that, they just simply can get away with it.

Long-time cheater Jerome, 36, admits “At first it was really exciting, you know the thought of doing it without getting caught. There was a thrill to it. It’s not even something I really think about. I have no intention of leaving my wife or anything, I think we’re happy. It’s just something I do from time and again.”


Mike, 30, after being in a relationship for five years and married for five more found things just weren’t the same anymore. It’s sounds so cliché, I know. It’s a one of those excuses that makes you want to break a lamp on someone’s head. One minute you think you’re in a committed relationship, the next thing you know you’re figuring out how to entertain a grown-ass man while convincing him to keep his dick in his pants. I digress.

Mike went on, “Sometimes a person comes along and just get you and there is that fire again, you know like what you felt when you just met the person you’re cheating on. I guess it happened because the attraction was new and fresh, it was exciting getting to ‘fall in love again I guess’?”


Some guys are just total scum bags. They’ve resigned themselves to the idea that they can be nothing else. The take great pride in being assholes, it’s a trait produced by years of practice.

One does not simply arrive at level 1000 asshole overnight. In Sio’s case it what some pearls of wisdom from dear old dad and maybe indirectly from one of the best calypsonians that got this asshole train rolling.  There is something strategically sadistic about this reasoning, I must admit.

Sio, known gyalist, 25, set the record straight “My dad gave me some of the best advice early on in life. It was from a Sparrow calypso. The lyrics are ‘keep the one you like at the side and take the one who like you straight up the aisle. So for me it’s real simple, I’m in stable relationship with a woman who loves me, but of course I have a couple on the side. I real love her but is like she is the safe plan you know, the one you take home to meet the family and the rest is for some excitement.”

These are just four in a long list reasons to horn by the horner-men themselves.

Join us next week as we continue to get to the heart of horning, the reasons why and of course how do men find women that tolerate this shit. See you next week.

(By Dante Hash)

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