The Curse of a Wandering eye and other daily relationship horrors

Relationship etiquette is a real thing. Find out why you or your partner may be encouraging insecurity and arguments in your relationship

Truth be told, you don’t have to go to the movies or buy a new book to experience a horror story these days, poor relationship etiquette can make you feel like jumping out of any seat completely scared out of your wits. It is a sad reality that people seem to be so self absorbed that they forget some actions are extremely disturbing and hurtful no matter the timespan of the relationship. There are dos and don’ts regardless of how long or short you are involved with someone.  

Let’s imagine it’s a Saturday night and you are on a date. The restaurant is great, you were tired all day but still made the effort to get dressed nicely and spend some quality time with your special person. The mood is right and you are just thrilled to be in his/her company when the most annoying thing happens. An attractive person passes by and you see your partner ogle at that person from head to toe. Even worse, you catch them turning their head thirstily to watch the person’s “behind” in the distance. Total CRINGE WORTHY behaviour! In what world is such behaviour acceptable and why aren’t some people able to control themselves? Well, the answer is simple, it all comes down to the lack of simple respect for others and their feelings. Yes, it is understandable that you will find people attractive and sometimes an innocent glance happens, after all its human nature. At times, the couple may even admire someone else together and give compliments, but the issue here is where to draw the line. Ogling or leering at someone other than your date is just plain insensitive and rude and can stir up emotions that fuel mistrust and jealousy. Let’s be frank, nobody wants that drama in their love life so be considerate and control yourself. 

Another relationship killer is dealing with a phone addict. Trust me, I know this one is common and full of excuses. “Oh I need to respond to this right now”, “ Gosh, let me post this!” or “Babe, hold on, I need to tell Jen this” – all these excuses right in the middle of an important conversation or during relaxing moments before bed every night. I mean how many times have you felt like flinging the phone across the room or snapping your fingers and hoping that magically, your partner will want to spend undisturbed moments with you, giving their utmost attention to you every once in a while. Electronic devices have perks but they have taken away so much interaction within relationships. We have all lost time and precious moments that we will never get back. Don’t take time for granted, engage with your partner daily and show interest when he/she is spending time with you and speaking to you. Truly live in the moment and know when to put the phone down and switch off the television and computer. 

Moving on to another terrible horror story, The Tale of the Secret Keeper. Simply put, lies break trust and trust is a foundational must in all relationships. If your partner is constantly caught both telling lies and keeping secrets for no particular reason, this is a sign of bigger problems, especially if you are a person who is understanding and compassionate.  Some people like to lie and disclose information from their loved ones over the smallest details and it’s a nasty habit to break. If you have someone who is a chronic liar in your life, look into it, do not ignore because that type of issue does not vanish overnight. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the story of Uptight Jim and Debbie Downer. Ever sat down for a chill evening and something funny happens allowing you to just burst out into a never ending laughing fit and the person you are with looks like they bit into a juicy, green lime. “Shhh you are laughing too loud” or “Behave yourself” they say to you as if you are some sort of child. This instantly makes your happy mood shift into bitter annoyance and anger. Some partners are so uptight and bothered that they make the term “kill-joy” seem like an art. Hey, loosen up and smile more, life is too short to be so grumpy all the time. 

The list of horrors is long and inclusive. There are many other dismal threats such as laziness, poor hygiene and sloppy drinking, but one thing is for certain – all the habits and poor decisions are caused by selfishness and not knowing the importance of balance and healthy limits with your relationship. Every situation and personality is different but with compromise and the magic of understanding that give and take is needed, we can all get along in a spirit of togetherness and continued happiness. Say no to complacency, bad manners and negativity. You can decide if your story will be a horror or a tale of love. Make the choice today.

Daniella Cassano Mohammed

Daniella Cassano-Mohammed is a television host, writer and social media influencer. She aims to promote positive thinking and solutions by discussing important relationship issues in everyday life.

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