Tekeira Atkins turns her passion into business

Tekeira Atkins started learning how to style hair at a very young age from her mother who is a hairstylist. Assisting her mother with her clients made it easy for Tekeira to learn different braid styles. During her secondary school years, she often braided her own hair, but little did she know, she was on her way to making a career out of it. 

Tekeira always loved fashion and modelling, so styling her own hair was simply an attempt to complete the look. However, in Sixth form she began braiding her friends’ hair as a hobby until she eventually made her business account on Instagram, not knowing what the outcome would have been. She started with roughly one client per week but over time that number multiplied then tripled and the rest is history.

Currently, Tekeira specialises in braiding styles such as box braids, knotless braids, Boho/goddess braids, passion twist, spring twist, and dreadlocks hairstyles where she interlocks, twists and styles natural locs and installs loc extensions. This young entrepreneur has proven that anything is possible once you just get started (with it). Check out our interview with Tekeira and what she had to share:

What is one thing your clients can really count on you for and what are you best known for in your profession?

My clients can count on me for my professionalism and consistency in the hairstyles they get each time. I’m known for my fun and friendly personality. Also, they can be assured that after getting their hair done, they will feel even more confident and beautiful as before.

Who or what are you inspired by?

Steve Harvey is one of my biggest inspirations. One thing he said, and it stayed with me was, “Your gift will make room for you”. This is a verse in the Bible and I always remind myself of it every day, to ensure that I stay focused on my dreams and goals and know that my gift will allow me to enter rooms and reach places that I have not even dreamt about.

Tell us about the three best achievements in your life or profession. 

  1. I have graduated with honours in Civil Engineering at the University of the West Indies this year. While doing this degree, I styled hair part-time, which started as a financial means to assist me through school but ended as a full-time business and something I’m very passionate about.
  2. Two years ago, I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and this is where I have found my purpose and passion. I am grateful for his mercy and grace over my life, and I am happy to share his love and word with my clients every day.
  3. I had the pleasure of working with public figures in Trinidad; one of Machel Montano’s dancers, Marz and soca artistes, Destra Garcia and Nailah Blackman. 

What’s a 2019 hairstyle you absolutely love and why?

I’ve ventured into two hairstyles for 2019 that I love dearly; Knotless braids and Boho braids. Knotless braids are braids that have no loops or knots at the start of the braid which gives it a more natural look, compared to the traditional box braids. The Boho braids are box braids with curly ends. This look gives the person a very tropical and exotic look which my clients loved for the July/August vacation.

What is the biggest challenge you have to face as a hairstylist in the local beauty industry?

Currently, there are a lot of people starting their hairstyling businesses at home and using social media to advertise, which makes the industry very saturated. However, this encourages me to be the best that I can be and to perfect my craft.

What are the three to four hair care/style tips that you can give to us?

  1. After removing your braids, comb out your hair before washing it to prevent excessive breakage and loss of hair.
  2. When oiling your hair, ensure that the hair is damp to maintain the moisture of the oil.
  3. For persons with dreadlocks, do not twist your hair tightly. Tight maintenance of dreadlocks will cause your hairline to recede and damage your hair follicles. 

Instagram Name: @tekeirastyles


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