The Benefits of Heartbreak

I know heartbreak sucks but guess what, it also helps you to grow. Take a glimpse into my thoughts on why that big breakup was actually a blessing in disguise. 

I remember my big breakup like it was yesterday. Although it happened a couple of years ago, that particular split shaped the person I am today and I am now thankful for that experience. 

I know it seems unbelievable to be thankful that my heart was crushed beyond measure. It may even seem crazy, but a lot of things about love are a little insane when you think about it. Heartbreak is related to love, somewhat like a distant cousin who comes to visit when you least expect it. A broken heart is basically a void filled with pain exactly where love once lived. 

What I’ve learnt is, there are benefits to heartbreak and the sooner you open your eyes to them, the more they appear in your life. My shift in perspective changed my life and my opinion of myself and how many blessings I was allowing to go unnoticed. It also made me aware of the areas of my life, on which I needed to work. It is not always about finding the ideal partner, but learning how to become the ideal partner. A broken heart allows you to see how deeply you can feel. The pain and anguish may seem unreal and unbearable, making you question if you will ever heal from such terrible, gut-wrenching emotions. You may experience panic attacks, anxiety, loss of appetite or binge eating all while wondering why God would put you through such pain and how the person you loved could hurt you at such a level. It is such an intense phase that many go through and never have the courage to talk about. Our heart has such depths but only true love and extreme heartbreak can allow us to discover those untold levels. Be happy that you can feel it. Some never feel any emotion at all. 

Another benefit is the lessons that are learnt. We learn not only about ourselves but what we want from our partner. We discover the way we want to be loved and what we truly deserve in our life. People appreciate genuinely good people more, after being around others who may have treated them badly in the past. The little things you once ignored, are now welcomed with a heart of gratitude and thankfulness. Maybe the one who broke your heart was not kind or considerate when you made a mistake or had a shortcoming of some sort, but a new person may be loving and will patiently help you grow in some way or will simply accept your flaws and all. The experience that relationships give us, can allow us to give thanks for blessings which we take for granted on a daily basis. 

Heartbreak makes you kind and humble, a benefit that most never feel because they are busy being bitter and selfish. When someone hurts you, or even if they just don’t like you, it is humbling. It breaks down your ego and introduces the reality that you are not perfect in the eyes of every person you meet. Indeed, heartbreak wakes people up and encourages them to do some much needed soul searching. 

Another benefit of having a broken heart is that it allows you to produce the best art. People have discovered that heartbreak unlocks creativity and encourages bravery. Musicians, painters, writers, crafters, even business owners and project managers are the most creative when they have strong emotions stirring on the inside and need an outlet in which to put their time and energy. The works of Literature was written by the broken throughout history. Many individuals now speak up and give seminars on matters of the heart to share their experiences with others.

Wisdom is found in the trenches of experience. Take a look at yourself today, did you ever get over a bad experience you thought of as impossible? Did a loved one die, did your relationship crumble or maybe a best friend betrayed you in an unspeakable way? Take a look around, regardless of the hurt and the hurdles, you have moved on and you are SURVIVING! Be thankful for everything your heartbreak taught you and choose to see the good that came from it today.

Daniella Cassano Mohammed

Daniella Cassano-Mohammed is a television host, writer and social media influencer. She aims to promote positive thinking and solutions by discussing important relationship issues in everyday life.

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