‘Mompreneur’ Kristie Farfan turns her big ideas into business

Kristie Farfan is a 28-year-old Canadian born Trinidadian resident ‘mompreneur’ (mother and entrepreneur). The owner of three local businesses, she teaches us how a dreamer can become an achiever. Kristie expressed to WE Mag that “an entrepreneur is a loaded word, it is an even bigger commitment to a way of life and a manner of thinking that surpasses one’s own limits. Being an entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges and joys, no matter age or education status, there is one word that unifies the entire spectrum. We are all brave.” 

After learning of how Kristie was able to find similarity in three things she loves: swimwear, fish and social media, we were intrigued. While they are different, they all came from a simple notion that she managed to turn into a business reality through hard work, perseverance, and pluck.

‘Farf Swim’ was launched in 2012 after Kristie realised the challenges that local women faced in finding attractive and functional swimwear that catered to all body types. Anything starts with an idea and hers was swimwear for women to feel sexy and confident in their own skin. Even though her first passion is the swimwear brand, it didn’t prevent her from getting another idea in her head. This is where ‘Fresh Catch’ came into the picture. Fresh Catch is a wholesale seafood company that came to be simply from a love of fishing and being in possession of a boat. Sometimes, something as simple as a hobby could potentially be a business opportunity. Although she had a thriving online swimwear business and a seafood company, she didn’t stop there. While handling the social media for her two brands, she realised she had a knack for dealing with people, finding and making connections and maintaining that human interest. Naturally, she craved to learn more about social media, this is when she opted to focus her studies in this area. Kristie tells us even if school is over, learning shouldn’t be. Upon completing her course, with that qualification in hand, she formed Kristie Farfan and Associates, a social media and marketing firm.

“Women have the power to accomplish anything, and most of the time, we hold ourselves back, we don’t ask for that pay raise or promotion from work,” she said. Kristie has shown real prowess in how she has been able to follow her dreams as an entrepreneur. She explained that she makes it a point to never give in to fear or hesitation in trying something new. If this isn’t motivation to chase after your goals then you might want to read the WE Mag interview with her below:

What are you working on at present, what is keeping you excited?

Right now, I am working on making a dream that my partner and I have. Life to me is exciting. I love life to the fullest and can’t wait for 2020. 

What are some of your treasured milestones thus far?

Definitely the bravery to go off on my own and start my own businesses. The experience and opportunities I’ve gotten are more than I ever expected and I’m so grateful. 

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome and how did you deal with it?

I think my biggest challenge has been believing I could do it. Too many women I know doubt themselves and it’s sad to hear and to see. The mind is strong at times and you might doubt yourself. My ambition and support system reminds me that I can and I will.  

What is your ultimate goal or biggest dream for your future?

My ultimate goal is to accomplish all my ideas and dreams that come to me; Never giving up and always leaving behind a path of motivation for others. 

Why do you do what you do?

I do it because I dream it, I action it and I love it. Each business I love differently. Farf Swim, because it allows me to design and create affordable, comfortable and flattering swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident in their own skin and love each curve they own. Fresh Catch, because it warms my heart to see the dream of someone I love come true. Also because it’s a business that involves an entire family that does what they love; a business that can be passed down the generations. KAF and Associates, because it allows my creative side to go wild. It allows me to interact with many different brands, companies and people. It allows me to boost their businesses and create bonds with customers that benefit the company. It allows me to pull in the great talent of persons who can have the opportunity to business and success. It allows me the flexibility to be able to be a supportive mom with after-school activities and pickups. 

Do you have an additional point you would like to make?

I would just love to see more women support each other and genuinely be happy for others. I want them to love themselves so they can love others, to encourage others to do what they love and push them. Imagine if we all supported each other what this world could look like. “Be the woman who fixes someone else’s crown rather than tells the world it was crooked!” 

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