Darcel Bradshaw brings joy to juvenile cancer patients with her wig installations

Born with an acute sense of flair and style, Darcel Bradshaw operated out of her bedroom for about five years before establishing Darcel’s House of Hair in 2017. A beauty salon located in the San Juan area, Darcel’s House of Hair has grown to become one of the top-notch salons in Trinidad and Tobago. Darcel’s clientele includes local and international A-list celebrities. 

Motivated by her love and passion for the beauty and fashion industries, her unyielding commitment to her team members and (most importantly) her loyal clients, Darcel continues to thrive. She believes strongly in giving back to the community so she recently began an initiative where she provides wigs and installation services to juvenile cancer patients. This, she says, greatly assists in building their self-esteem. We got the opportunity to find out about Darcel’s amazing work in the local beauty industry. Here’s what she shared with us:

Tell us what you love most about the beauty industry? 

I mainly love the fact that our local beauty industry provides a lot of opportunities for our talented entrepreneurs. As a beauty innovator, I have been able to create tips and techniques which leave my clients very impressed. I have chosen this career path in the beauty industry because I love (doing) hair and makeup – they are the things that I am passionate about. I always wanted to have a career that I love but one from which I could also make a good living. 

What is one thing your clients can really count on you for? 

My clients rely on me to always provide them with premium-level service in a comfortable environment. At my studio, I have been able to create a relaxing ambiance to ensure clients’ comfort and satisfaction. 

Tell us about your decision to help juvenile cancer patients by providing them with wigs. 

This initiative was based on my personal experiences with my grandmother who battled with cancer for some time. With hair loss as a side effect of the treatments, she wasn’t afforded the opportunity to be fitted with a lace wig which I knew would have put a smile on her face while she battled the disease. I am now blessed with the talent and ability to create and install these units, and after providing the service to cancer afflicted clients, seeing the joy the installation brought to them, it was heartfelt. I have partnered with @evilla_ex, (Instagram handle), a hair and wig supplier and distributor who provides the wigs and I do the installation at no cost to children with cancer, alopecia or any illness that causes hair loss. 

Tell us about the three best achievements of your life or profession. 

My three best achievements include becoming a business owner and creating my own brand, setting up my salon where I enjoy working with my celebrity clients and being able to start and develop my ‘Kids with Wigs’ initiative. 

What tips can you offer regarding the maintenance/wearing of wigs? 

i. Wigs are not meant to last forever. An installation usually lasts up to a month or less depending on the wearer’s lifestyle. 

ii. When wearing a lace wig, always use a silk scarf to tie your hairline, as this helps to protect the hairline and allow for a very natural appearance. 

iii. Avoid getting makeup on your lace front, since getting it out is extremely difficult and attempts at cleaning the lace can mess up the hair. 

iv. Always take extreme care of your wigs as some units can be expensive. When you remove your wig, it should be cleaned immediately because if left too long after removal without cleaning, the cleaning process will become difficult and may even cause major damage to the unit.

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