Korena opens up about the power of makeup

As strange as it may seem, beauty routines can bestow powerful cognitive benefits on the brain that can help you to get over negative thought patterns, like over analysing situations, feelings of anxiety, or generally feeling pessimistic. Korena Bagaan is a 21-year-old, self-taught makeup artist and content creator from Couva, who opens up about the power of makeup in her journey. 

Korena started playing with makeup when she was just about 15-years-old while going through some rough times. It was a coping mechanism and an alternative for what she had already been doing that was self harming. Fast forward some years later and makeup has become her life. Korena tells the WE Mag, “It can be done, getting out of that hard place can be done and it isn’t easy but it’s a great feeling when you get there. I can testify to that.” Today, Korena is not only a professional makeup artist but she has become a content creator who produces high quality content for makeup brands. If you think this introduction isn’t enough, check out more about this young talent below: 

What is one thing your clients can really count on you for?

Unlike most makeup artists, my main clientele includes businesses and brands that have products to showcase. They can count on me for clean photos that highlight their products – whether it be flatlays, swatches of makeup looks done on myself – I always find the best angles, lighting and composition to complement the products and highlight it to my audience through my own looks.

Who or what are you inspired by?

I often use myself as inspiration. It sounds conceited but I’ve found that the best way for me to do better and be better is to try and outdo myself. Whatever I did last, I want to do something greater the next time around. I also really love Amra Olević Reyes for her flatlays and aesthetics. 

Tell us about your best achievements in your life or profession.

First achievement was being able to work side by side and form a relationship with my favourite local brand; Ambrosia Cosmetics. Secondly, being featured on a local newspaper twice; once in collaboration with Ambrosia and once on my own. And lastly, being added to international brands’ PR lists. I’ve received PR packages from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, Juvia’s Place, Makeup Revolution and a few more brands have reached out to me recently. This really helps with my content creation.

How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?

For me makeup isn’t about trends as much as it is just an artform and an outlet, so trends don’t bother me as much. However, because I’m always active on social media, it’s easy to see what’s trending.

What is the biggest challenge you have to face as a makeup artist?

My biggest challenge was finding work. I had been encouraged and hyped by a lot of people and when I finally opened my studio, the responses got quieter and quieter. I believe that Trinidadians want to see you do well but never better than them. Besides that, being someone who hates wasting money and time, I didn’t stick around and dig myself into losses to see if the studio would grow. I couldn’t afford to. The crashing economy doesn’t allow people like me to be still and have patience. I have to keep moving and exploring options if I want to survive in Trinidad and having to adapt to that was difficult. 

What makeup tips can you give to us?

Tip 1- A clean face = a clean base. Oftentimes, people want a smooth foundation base but don’t take care of their skin to allow for smooth application. Makeup always looks flawless on flawless, blemish-free skin.

Tip 2- Moisturise. This is for both dry and oily skin. Moisturising is important and will allow for long-lasting makeup. Find a moisturiser that suits your skin type and you will have better makeup days.

Tip 3- Do whatever makes you comfortable. Trends and guidelines tell us what we should do to look beautiful to other people but never what we should do to feel beautiful for ourselves. Wear whatever you want to wear and do it with confidence. Confidence makes the look, not the trends/beauty standards. Be your own trend, be your own beauty standard.

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