Dr Rachael Eckel: Bringing the Latest Hollywood Trends to Trinidad

Just over three years ago, the land where The Skin Health Institute now sits was derelict; an abandoned residence in desperate need of TLC. Many would have written it off, but its potential caught the eye of Dr Rachael Eckel – an award-winning cosmetic doctor whose vision has transformed Port-of-Spain’s visage, as well as the skin health of its clientele. In partnership with architects and interior designers from Laguna Beach, California, the building has been converted into a beautiful, modern space, with crisp lines and natural elements – perhaps an echo of the skilled work that takes place there. When you walk through the doors, you instantly feel the sense of professionalism and glamour that space brings, and know that your skin is in safe hands.

Since the clinic’s launch in October 2016, it has grown significantly, as Dr Eckel has made it her mission to offer only the best and most innovative products to her patients. It has long been her vision to create a globally-recognised facility, right here in the heart of Trinidad, and with that she has sought to bring the latest Hollywood trends and technology, as well as a first-class service, cutting-edge treatments, and of course, the best possible results. The Skin Health Institute is now the go-to aesthetic practice in Trinidad – and the Caribbean – for the very best in skin health and cosmetic excellence. 

One such example is the recently launched crystal microdermabrasion treatment – straight from the red carpet of the MTV VMAs to Port-of-Spain. As the name suggests, the treatment is the latest Hollywood must-have, leaving patients with that polished, red carpet-ready glow. Dr Eckel has such faith in the benefits and results of this treatment that she invested in a number of machines to meet the anticipated demand of both Trinidad’s residents, as well as the international clientele that travels to The Skin Health Institute for its expertise, including Hollywood royalty and First Ladies the world over.

Dr Eckel herself is an international educator for cosmetic doctors and frequently travels the world to teach and find the hottest trends, from Beverly Hills to Russia and Dubai, and bring them home to Trinidad. Thankfully, she now has a large team to be able to implement these new treatments and technologies quickly – and safely.

From only three staff members at clinic launch to 30 today, the team includes three doctors, three nurses and three aestheticians – all of whom are medically-trained and highly skilled in their respective areas. In fact, this powerhouse has over 120 years’ medical experience combined, which not only means they can deliver the best results, but patient safety remains at the fore of all they do.

As medical professionals, Drs Eckel, Manna and Hill provide highly detailed, personalised consultations using the best technology. This includes in-depth photographs of the skin, as well as detailed vital signs and metrics. Their comprehensive 90-minute consultation provides a roadmap for each patient to ensure they look their very best both now, and in the future.

They help their patients to achieve their goals through their collection of cutting-edge treatments, including acne scar revision, laser hair removal (to treat all hair and skin types), deep and superficial peels, and the ZO Skin Health line of products, which is one of the leading medical-grade skincare brands in the world, and exclusive to The Skin Health Institute in Trinidad.

Using the range of over 60 serums, creams and peels on offer, the Institute can create bespoke medical facials which, when combined with one of the 30 medical devices housed in the clinic, create glamourous, long-lasting and outstanding results. It is innovation such as this that has grown Dr Eckel’s demand among both patients and professionals. The results she and her team have been able to achieve for darker skin tones in particular are some of the best in the world, not to mention the incredible results achieved for acne, large pores, uneven skin tone and melasma.

In addition to the keen eye-for-detail on offer for skin health, the clinic also boasts the only CoolSculpting devices in Trinidad. CoolSculpting is the number one body contouring technology globally, developed by scientists at Harvard University. Not to be confused with cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting works by gently cooling targeted fat cells in the body to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat without affecting any of the surrounding tissues. The fat cells, which shrink and disappear on cooling, are naturally flushed from the body, slimming down those stubborn pockets you thought would never go, as well as tightening the skin.

Dr Eckel’s passion for skin health and her mission to create an international centre of excellence in her home of Trinidad are infectious. It is clear that her team love what they do and have bought into all that The Skin Health Institute represents. From the instant you enter the clinic, you are taken on a journey of style and luxury that stays with you long after you have left. It’s no wonder that the team is so in demand – they believe their patients deserve the very best, and they won’t settle for anything less.


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