How to adopt an abundant mindset

My relationship with abundance hasn’t always been steady. In fact, I’ve been prone to pity parties, plenty of “why me’s” and tantrums that would put most toddlers to shame. With social media making perfectly polished lifestyles more visible than ever, it’s easy to catch the “less-than” bug. However, it isn’t the only option.

In six months’ time, I was able to ditch my scarcity beliefs, adopt a killer abundant mindset and consequently leave my full-time job and start the business I had always dreamed of. 

Historically, I’m more of your practical, Type-A perfectionist. I wasn’t always into terms like “abundance” and “scarcity”. I found them to be “woo-woo” new age phrases with little substance. However, the incredible changes in my life that resulted from abundant thinking are undeniable.

An abundant mindset is a belief that we live in a world where everything we could ever want or need is readily available to us at any given time. Okay, I know it sounds super cheesy but I promise you, this stuff works. Plus, it’s totally free so definitely worth a try, right?

Wait, so you’re saying anything I want is just readily available to me at any time? That can’t be right… girl, talk to my bank account! Yes! Well kind of. As I said, an abundant mindset is a belief that everything you want is readily available to you at any given time.

You see, our thoughts are powerful tools. In fact, our thoughts, in most cases, massively influence our actions – everything – from how we interact with our loved ones, pursue our career goals, even how we get dressed in the morning.

For example, let’s say you read a post about an opening for your dream job. Instantly you think, “Ugh, they want one more year of experience than I have and so many people will probably apply. I never have luck with these things.” So you don’t apply.

Here are some easy and applicable ways you can implement an abundant mindset in your everyday life

Ditch the “if only’s”

We’ve all been there. If only…

… I had “X” I’d be successful…

… My love life just looked like “Y” I’d be happy…

… I could lose “Z” amount of pounds, I’d finally get those professional headshots my LinkedIn profile desperately needs.

It’s natural to want but can I level with you? Rarely does this deep desire for the things we don’t have, pay off. These statements keep us focused on the future rather than staying centered and abundant in our present. So every time you feel an “if only” coming on, try practicing gratitude for your present moment: the very people, places, and experiences you have directly in front of you.

Put away your measuring stick.

This is one I struggled with for years. Everything in my life was about measuring. If I pay for “X” then it’s going to have to come out of the budget for “Y.” If I eat the doughnut then I’m going to have to abstain from sweets for the next week and a half. If I take this hectic but amazing job, I’ll have to give up Thursday trivia nights with my friends. It was a constant balancing act and it consistently reinforced the belief that by gaining one thing, I’d be losing another – aka, scarcity!

Opt-out of the comparison game

I know, social media makes it so hard! I mean how are you supposed to focus on the beauty of your own life when that blogger with perfect lighting, perfect white walls, designer couches, and her DSLR make “the dream” look so stupidly simple?

Jealousy is one of the fastest ways to kill your abundance buzz. It makes us feel less than, less worthy and less hopeful that things are going to turn up for us. But in the long run, it’s utterly useless.

As natural as it may feel in the moment to sulk over why someone else’s success isn’t your own, continuing to focus your energy on the scarcity in your life — what she/he has that you don’t — will only increase the doom and gloom.

So instead of resorting to social media stalking or resentment, tell your ego to cut the crap. Find her contact information and go introduce yourself. Ask her how she got to where she is now, what kind of product keeps her hair looking so fresh or how in the world she takes those beautiful flat lays.

Kim Seelochan is a Dubai-based publicity and events manager. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the movies and getting her nails done while still trying to master the art of adulting!


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