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It’s a time when ‘dressing to impress’/’dressing for success’ whatever that means, consistently seems to be reinventing its modus operandi. The truth is that there exists a framework of style options within which we choose to outfit ourselves for the world of work that allows personal style to reside, effortlessly and egoistically. In other words, you can very well suit yourself!

To be in your strong suit no longer means that you need to follow suit, in terms of wholesale copying, a man’s dressing-for-success gambits. Business womenswear assumes corporate chic, urban professional, office style-savvy proportions which indeed spank of boardroom tailoring but which allows you to bring a feminine game that is individualistic and above all self-indulgent. Here’s to power dressing 101!

Power dressing is back but with a flair that incorporates a touch of ease and a tad of flamboyance. After all, ‘boss-lady’ style must never seem forced. Power is in the seamless appearance of ease and certainly must come with a dainty degree of girlish allure.

Banker pinstripes go hand in hand with mismatched polka dots as long as the silhouettes convey structure and invite confidence. Moulded shoulders, sleek lines and bespoke textures promote trust and warrant sober engagement, so a little whimsy that adds character and colour to transactions go a long way in forging a look of savoir-faire which makes dressing for the office uncomplicatedly gracious, flawlessly graceful and more so absolutely gratifying.

A bold hue popped as an inner separate or an outstanding shade topping off a winsome ensemble, both give new meaning to power dressing, as we know it, and clearly transforms our thinking of the look-for-business which suits our independent preference. Dressing for success is now informed with our singular sense of self within the paradigm of corporate assurance. So suit yourself!


Richard Young

Fashion Consultant / Creative Director

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