Must give us pause – there’s the respect!

Style is everything! Some say “image is everything!” Same difference! What is delightful is seeing my people in their element! And oh boy, was this apparent at this year’s installment of Carifesta. I love seeing my people exude that incandescent style which is so quintessentially Caribbean in all its manifest incarnations.

Today, at the conclusion of the greatest festival of Arts in the region, we have celebrated our diversity, we have acknowledged our identity, we continue to claim our style and as a result, must give us pause – there’s the respect! Indeed it is an ongoing process which requires our 

committed investment in our Caribbean civilization.

I marvel at the beaming confidence of our creatives bonding together to signal to the world that we are connected. Having contributed to the discussion at the symposium ‘Journey Round Myself’ as expostulated by Errol Hill, I felt heartened that we are beginning to resonate with pride on the issue of self-worth and its engaging style.

Further, at the hallmark fashion event back on Thursday, at the Hyatt, we saw a natural rallying of energies to render excellence within our regional style fraternity. it was more than heartening to witness the camaraderie shared among the different-accented fashion creatives nestled in the backstage at the event. Our style is replete with progressive, exemplary, sustainable canons to offer, beyond our borders.

We carry with us, this ultimate style in all our expressions, so wherever we are, be it through intra-regional or Diasporic presence, we seem to have a formula, if only we could all recognize it and declare it. That it factor is our style!   

Richard Young

Fashion Consultant / Creative Director

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