Princes Town’s Vicky Khan says her job in the beauty industry is a dream come true

Vicky Khan has been a hairdresser and makeup artist for 18 years in the Princes Town. Her passion for the art stemmed from a very early age through observing her aunt who was also a hairdresser. Vicky Khan’s warm personality and experience with all different types of hair keep her customers loyal to her. She believes that a person’s hair can seriously make them or break them.

A mother of two and one on the way, Khan is committed to community building and says she loves Princes Town because the people are warm and friendly. Working out of Harry’s Plaza in Princes Town, Vicky sees many clients every day. Despite the fact that there are several other salons in the same building, Vicky’s clients are loyal to her and her clientele keeps growing thanks to referrals. “I aim for customer satisfaction” she told WE Mag, “I don’t chase clients and worry about competition. I always try to satisfy my customers.”

 It wasn’t always like this for her though as she admits there is a learning process in becoming a great hairdresser. “I never thought there were so many things to learn when I started hairdressing” she said. “There is so much detail and for this reason I tell people to only go into the field if they truly love it. That is the only way they will enjoy being hairdressers.” Vicky Khan keeps her head down and focuses on her work. She admits to having great respect for all the other hairdressers out there. “This is a great profession that teaches you something new every day and I applaud my colleagues.” We Mag met with the hairdresser despite her hectic schedule. Here is what she shared with us:                    

Tell us what you love most about the beauty industry?

My job is a dream come true. I personally love the satisfaction I get from working with my clients. When I was younger I would follow my aunt who is also a hairdresser and I knew

since then I wanted to be exactly like her. The road to becoming a hairdresser isn’t a   

very easy one as many may think. While training is readily available in Trinidad, one has to train for quite some time before one gets that confidence to go out on one’s own. I have since gotten that confidence. I also love the fact that being a hairdresser challenges me. I learn new things on a daily basis and there are new styles all the time so I constantly have to upgrade my skills by doing research and attending workshops.

What’s one thing your clients can really count on you for? 

My clients can really count on me for a personalised experience. They get more than just good products and services but also a friendly and comfortable environment.

 Which step do you love the most when doing hair and makeup and why?

I love cutting and colouring but most of all, I love the fact that I can recommend what looks best on my clients and when they see the transformation, they are left in awe because they finally get the look they have been in search of.

Tell us about 3 best achievement/milestones your life or profession. 

Starting my own business is by far one of my greatest achievements. The moment I realised that I was ready to start my own business, my life changed. Another milestone, one that some may not consider a milestone but one that has been a great accomplishment for me is having my husband and his full support every step of the way. Having him has led to my third greatest achievement –becoming a parent. That is not only a new chapter in my life but it is an entirely new book and that is my most incredible milestone.

 What are three to four hair styling tips you are giving us?

I can offer many tips but the most important, the ones that many people overlook are to do treatments often, get your hair cut monthly and maintain your hair cut monthly and maintaining your hair and hairstyle at home, as if you go to the salon every day.


Story by Bavina Sookdeo

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