Sangre Grande Transport Boss Lady, Khaty Ann Martin-Jones

They call her “Transport Boss-lady”, mother of three beautiful, talented children, Khaty Ann Martin-Jones was born and bred in Sangre Grande, as the 10th of 12 children. With a background in Human Resource Management, she is currently the operations supervisor at PTSC and acting assistant manager for the Sangre Grande Depot. As the “Transport Boss”, Khaty is also well-known for her work as the transport coordinator for Machel Montano and Xtatic Limited during the Carnival season and throughout the year when the need arises. She even provided transportation for the cast and crew of movies such as Pan, the Modern Odyssey; Bazoodee and CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race’ filmed between Trinidad and Tobago last year. Through her small company, BowTie Executive, she has been able to provide vehicles and drivers and manage and coordinate all transportation schedules and needs. 

Notwithstanding the fact that Khaty, outside of her professional life, is a natural born entertainer, she, like many members of her family, is a singer who is also quite versed in the hosting of shows, weddings and ceremonies. Additionally, she is the secretary of the Sangre Grande Regional Festivals Committee that plans, organises and executes all carnival activities for the community of Sangre Grande, which includes the popular Carnival Queen pageant that she has been a part of and coordinating for over 25 years. Khaty proudly states that she works with the queen pageant from start to finish in coordinating the selection of delegates to their training and preparation and putting the show (on pageant night) together. Khaty has been a judge for many talent competitions, other queen pageants and calypso competitions. This Sangre Grande boss lady, who is known and admired by many, proudly waves the flag for the Sangre Grande community high and the WE Mag team is proud to share her story with you in the interview below:  

What are some of your treasured milestones thus far? 

As a mother, I must say being blessed with my three children Elise, Kyle Marc and Kyesha is one of my treasured milestones and of course, being a grandmother to a little diva name Kayleigh. Added to that, seeing my name in the credits for international movies and shows that I worked on was truly mesmerising for me. Also, when I was granted the opportunity to co-host an awards ceremony with the great Jones P Madeira, I was so honoured to share a stage with him. I’m still basking in that moment especially since he told me I’m an excellent presenter. Finally, I must mention that I am expecting another grandchild, my first grandson, in October so that will be another treasured milestone.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

That was actually the first couple of days working on Bazoodee. I got the job because my friend and mentor Lorraine O’Connor saw that I had the potential to manage the Transport Department, but I didn’t have a clue about where to source the type of trucks and trailers that were needed. I had lots of sleepless nights trying to figure things out, but once I got my bearings and got things rolling, I made sure that nothing could challenge me again. 

What are you working on at present? 

With respect to Transport it’s down a notch, but I have a couple ventures in the pipelines. I want to start an NGO called I-MOS (In Memory of Sherry) in honour of my sister who passed away from cancer almost six years ago. She had a daycare and she was a top event decorator and coordinator in Sangre Grande. She was always ready to help anyone especially young girls and young mothers who needed work. My sister would hire them, teach them and care for them and their children. There was one young woman named Emma who Sherry asked us (as a family) never to forget to help. I want to continue helping as many Emmas as I can. The other venture is to have a Miss Sangre Grande Queen Show (outside of Carnival) where the winner will represent Sangre Grande at local legs for International pageants (For example, Miss Universe and Miss World). Sangre Grande boasts of many beauties, like Sharon Imbert and Alexia Charlerie, who have graced international stages so we want to ensure that we can have the best representing us. In mentioning this, I would like to recognise my dream team of young professionals who will be working with me – they are my training team: Kesean Bascombe, Natalie Morales, Camille Raymond, Crystal Charles, Demii Patterson, Leroy Halls, Samara Ameade, Makeba Edwards and Adana Boneo – you will be hearing a lot more from this team in the area of beauty in Sangre Grande.

What are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for and to Lorraine O’Connor for believing in me and giving me experiences of a lifetime. I’m most grateful for the love and support I have from my children; I’m most grateful for my significant other, even though he’s not in the country but when I need to exhale he quietly listens, which then calms me, and he gives sound advice; I’m most grateful for my family and a few close friends who have my back at all times and support me no matter what. I’m most grateful to the Almighty for my gifts and talents. I’m a firm believer in giving of yourself truly and completely without looking for anything in return and your blessings comes back to you hundredfold.

Tell us something about you that people may not know.

Now I’m stumped. Lol, um people know that I’m a lover of wine and that cheesecake is my favourite dessert (New York Cheesecake to be exact) but people don’t know that I’m an excellent crossword and Sudoku player and I’m a laid back kind of girl, not so much of a party person even though I’m around the party crowd, and I prefer to be behind the scenes.  

Makeup: Camille Raymond IG @camilleraymond_mua 

Nails: Trisha Joseph IG @beejoseph5 

Wardrobe: Christine Pantin

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