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Born in Sangre Grande and matured in St James, Elizabeth Lucas considers herself to be a country/town girl. As a graduate of North Eastern College (although her education and upbringing didn’t help much with her passion) her past classmates always reflect on times when she would be seen illustrating designs at the back of her books. 

This passion for design started around the age of six when a programme ‘Style with Elsa Clench’ came into the scene locally and only aired on TTT – a local television station. She admits that she always loved the strut of the tall models and wanted to be just like them, but at the same time, like all children dream of many things, she wanted to be a teacher, hairdresser and a designer. As an adult, she proudly testifies that “you can pursue your passion and make it a reality”. Today, Elizabeth is a fashion designer, director, goldsmith, precious metal designer and artist. 

A huge part of Elizabeth’s journey has been overcoming the challenge of losing her six-year-old daughter to leukaemia. While the unfortunate passing of her daughter has been a huge loss for her family, this has given her strength in knowing she can help other mothers who may have to go through the same struggles that come with caring for a child that has the disease. Elizabeth displays the kind of fortitude and gentleness that touches your heart. Here’s some more of her story as she shared with the WE Magazine: 

What was the biggest challenge you have had to overcome professionally?

A challenge I’ve had to overcome professionally was balancing my business, studies and my special needs baby at the same time. There was a time when I had to even put my career on hold to focus on her. This grew my strength not only as a businesswoman but as a mother. I’ve learnt to accept the things I cannot change. It’s exactly three years now since we have lost her to leukaemia and it’s amazing how I’m given this opportunity to share my story.  

What are you working on at present? 

My daughter is my inspiration so I have created a line and charity Jan’ette Elizabeth /Chunkie Ting, D Inspiration. I’m hoping this grows because this is my foundation to helping others, especially children. I love doing Haute Couture and Avant-Garde art and fashion so I am in the process of opening my shop in Sangre Grande mainly based on that.

What are some of your treasured milestones thus far? 

My treasured milestones thus far are many, it’s as simple as being able to wake up and make a difference. I have been the model, I became a mother, been a successful student, won many awards, had my work shown on an international scale, worked with inspiring people that feed my passions and I am now an Instructor at the MIC ICP programme where I share my skills.

What are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for life, grateful for the opportunity to have gained my daughter’s joy and strength, I have great support from my family and friends and is blessed with such easy, beautiful clients. Many years ago I went to sign in at a modelling agency and met a man that would be a pillar and role model in my life – Richard Young – he has helped to pave my way into the fashion industry.

What is something you know for sure that you wish the rest of us knew?

I know the value of time and how you spend it is very precious. We are given 24 hours per day to learn how to use it. I believe that everything is energy and it is important to know what and where you put your time and energy. What you give out is what you will get back. Be patient, everything is in the creator’s pace. Fear can keep you stagnant, by taking chances you gain experiences that can push you forward. Love is the key to many doors.

Why do you do what you do?

There is a passion in me to create – I guess it’s an artist thing – a need to express myself through my work. I also have a need to share my knowledge. I am blessed to have a career that includes my passions. Being a mother who experienced the troubles of special needs children and what their parents may go through, gives me the push to do more for society. 

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