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Brendalyn Boisson is a 51-year-old nail technician raised in the small village of Valencia. She lived there for the first 21-years of her life, after which she got the opportunity to go to Antigua where she lived for 17 years and worked as a salesperson in different clothing stores. While there, she birthed two lovely boys and only returned to Trinidad in  December of 2004. On the flight home she found herself questioning what her next step was about to be since she didn’t want to work for anyone. After the first four months of being at home, she decided to open a nail salon which she called Brenda’s Best of Nail. This business took a direction of itself after just starting off on her verandah at her home on Gill Street, Valencia in April 2005. She was self-taught but was able to master nail art to the satisfaction of her clients. In this light, she was able to open a shop in Arima to get exposure and a bigger clientele, then moved to Sangre Grande where she has been for the past seven years. This is what Brendalyn had to share with the WE Mag in the interview below, check out her story: 

Tell us what you love most about being in the beauty industry?

l love when my clients look at me and say “I never knew my toes or hands could look like this”. Their expression is always priceless to me.

What’s one thing your clients can really count on you for? 

To get the best pedicure, or “toe pedi” as I call it and when they come with a photo of what they want, I am happy they can trust that I will execute it just as they want it. 

Which step do you love the most when doing nails and why?

I love the prep of the nails and toes because it’s not done in a lot of nail salons and it gives me a chance to explain why it is done to my clients. That starts the conversation and connections with the clients.

Tell us about three of your best achievements/milestones in your life or profession.

Firstly, I would say my two boys Aamir Roberts, 21, and Malaki Roberts, 17 – I parented them the old school way and I am proud to say they listen, learn and understand and trust what I have been doing as a single mother. I love them for that and they have made me stronger. Professionally, my business is a huge milestone because it keeps me focused. If I’m not at work there is no pay, so I know that work is a must.

What nail care tips are you giving to us?

  1. Cleaning the toes is important at the nail salon. Cleaning the surface of the nail bed is very important because the germs that live on your nails grow with the acrylic nail enhancements if not cleaned properly. 
  2. To nail technicians, make your clients feel at home and relaxed so when they have to wait long hours at the salons they don’t get frustrated  
  3. Make sure the salon is children friendly as a lot of clients have  children and may stress about not being able to take their children to the shop. 

Facebook: Brenda’s Best of Nails 

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