Mawasi Martin adds Traditional Elements to your Emancipation Parade makeup look

Mawasi “Mo” Martin is a makeup artist, mother of one and entrepreneur. Having taught herself makeup artistry, it is now past a decade that she has been involved in the industry and proudly states that she is versed in all styles of makeup from enhancement makeup to creative/avante garde styles. Not only does Mo love doing makeup but she is passionate about sharing the love of her craft through teaching makeup at workshops and classes at her Arima based studio. In 2016, Mo started her own indie brand of cosmetics, Caribbean Queen Cosmetics, and in 2017 she was named the Trinidad social-media Ambassador for Black Opal cosmetics. To put it simply, Mo has been making waves in the local industry while helping women to embrace themselves whether it be loving themselves with makeup or by highlighting her personal journey in fitness, skin care and advocating for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. As we prepare you for the coming of Emancipation Day celebrations, we sought to find out some more about Mo’s love for makeup and her best makeup tips to take to the streets.

1. Tell us what you love most about makeup.

For me, makeups’ versatility is the most beautiful thing about the art. Makeup can be as simple as tinted moisturiser, lip gloss and mascara and go all the way to the outer-world transformations of SFX makeup.

2. What’s one thing for which your clients can really count on you?

My clients can count on me to make them feel comfortable and at ease while in my chair with my “keeping-it-real” but gregarious personality. A makeup artist should make you feel right at home while doing her job.

3. Which step do you love the most when doing makeup and why?

I love the foundation application step. It transforms the face into a flawless canvas and can subtract anywhere from 10 to 15 years off a client’s face. Add to it concealer – even the most tired and overworked person can look bright-eyed, fresh and awake!

4. Tell us about the best achievement/milestones in your life or profession.

Since I was an adolescent my dream was to be a stay-at-home mother and a successful entrepreneur. My daughter made that dream come through by gifting me her birth and motivating me to achieve. 

In addition, having my own successful makeup line, Caribbean Queen Cosmetics from 2016 to 2018, and being chosen as the Black Opal Trinidad Ambassador within that same time period has been a great accomplishment for me. Simply being able to have a successful career that shows my artistic passion while allowing me to transform not only faces but touch people’s lives is indeed a blessing.

5. What makeup tips can you give us in preparation for Emancipation Day celebrations?

Sweat-proof/water-resistant foundation is a must especially if you will be walking in the Emancipation parade. It’s a terrible thing to be looking all pretty and your foundation is melting away in heat and sweat. Look for cream foundations or foundations that specifically say “Long-wear”.

Add traditional elements to your look with tribal dots or patterns. Even better, something that India, Africa, and Trinidad share in common is mehndi designs which are very popular in Nigerian, East African and North African cultures. So, if you can, do a traditional African mehndi design on your hands and feet to elevate your look.

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  1. Gorgeous. Maybe black women should be encouraged to wear African dresses for formal occasions worldwide. The other nationalities do. I would love to try on a few dresses and also the makeup.

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