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Khadeisha Stewart is a blossoming Trinidad-based makeup artist. After completing her double major in International Relations and Management at the University of the West Indies she merged her loves for international affairs, business, and art to form her company JAC in 2017. In 2018 Jacqueline Arneaud Cosmetics’ Caribbean Carnival Tour earned her rapid ascension within the beauty industry both locally and regionally. Khadeisha has worked with entertainers, fellow influencers, beauty queens and brides across the islands, politicians and corporate professionals.

The beauty maven describes makeup artistry as transcendent, in that every canvas is unique, whether that be in race, shape, colour and the relation to the energy between both client and artist. Each client is prepped based on their personalities, the client’s makeup preferences, occasions, and the artist’s desired effects. In an effort to expand JAC’s visibility, Khadeisha plans on educating and providing travel and work opportunities for more local makeup artists.

Today, Khadeisha continues to work fervently; creating new looks and networking while simultaneously starting the first of her chain of high-end makeup studios and helping clients look and feel their best.

One thing your costumers can really on you for.
At Jacqueline Arneaud Cosmetics, we pay attention to the details in our client s overall look. We are just as keen on clients makeup suggestions and demands as we are about the makeup application and showcasing our unique style of makeup. Acknowledging our client s overall look is our main priority, this allows us to tend to hairstyling, dressing and styling services once necessary. As a result, customers develop trust and true relationships are formed now that we’ve positioned ourselves to exceed reasonable expectations.

Tell us about 3 best achievement/millstones your life or profession.

1. The day I passed for my Alma Mater St Francois Girls College.
2. Starting my First Caribbean Carnival Tour in 2018.
3. I am currently working on the first of my chain of Makeup Studios.

Who are some local celebrities you absolutely love doing makeup for?

Luckily all of my clients are celebrities but more specifically I’ve had the opportunity to work with Erphaan Alves, Nailah Blackman most recently and Patrice Roberts, all are amazing artists. I am hopeful that I’ll be awarded the opportunity to work with artists such as Destra Garcia and Nadia Batson, fingers crossed.

How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?
Subscriptions to major beauty brands and bloggers are the most convenient platforms that allow me to be updated with beauty trends, it reinforces the changing dynamics within the makeup industry on both the theory and practical sides. Ironically clients also share a lot of information through their questions about new products and beauty gurus or youtubers. Ways to keep up with beauty trends are expanding daily, we are no longer restricted to word of mouth and textbook teachings due to a vastly growing technological world. Information about beauty trends is now evolving into the creation of the trends ourselves especially here in the Caribbean. Our Carnival Makeup Styles are now trending and part of the puzzle that’s fuelling this billion dollar makeup industry with Brands such as SACHA, a worldwide success with its buttercup setting powder.

Care to share three makeup tips with us?

1. Consider Skincare as your makeup primer because it is just as important as makeup application. I love exfoliating and moisturising since it creates a healthy canvas for your foundation.
2. Concealers are used to highlight the centre of the nose and the forehead for lightening and brightening. Highlighting the upper cheekbones, the bow of the lips and the chin is also necessary to add definition, therefore, the concealer shade should be 1-2 lighter than your complexion.
3. Applying strip lashes onto curly eyelashes becomes easier once you’ve straightened them out by curling your natural eyelashes lashes downward instead of upward.

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