Beauty of the Bride Tribe

Love comes in many forms and love for your girls, the ones that have been there for you through thick and thin even before you found Mr. Right is simply indescribable.

I remember being ten years old and getting my dolls married to each other. Barbie had to have the perfect hairstyle, shoes, dress and of course the perfect bridesmaids next to her. Strangely, I must admit not much focus was on poor ken at that time. I guess I was part of her bride tribe without even knowing it.  Fast forward to present day and I have happily accepted to be in six bridal parties so far !

Let me just say, it is an absolute honour to be a maid/matron of honour or a bridesmaid. The bride tribe is the perfect example of women supporting women throughout the ages. It is one of the few occasions that you can successfully find women coming together no matter differences in background, age, race, financial status, marital status, religion to offer genuine support to the bride on her big day.

Most women cry when they witness the bride saying yes to the dress, saying I do to the groom, that special first dance and of course the tear jerking speeches can not be forgotten. It is so emotional and touching for the women in the family, the mother, grandmother, sisters and even aunties of the bride seem to offer the most heartfelt advice to the couple. We as women want this day to be memorable in all the right ways. From the moment the bride accepts her proposal, other proposals happen ! Be it a call to her best girlfriends over the phone and squeals of excitement whilst asking them to be a bridesmaid or carefully thought out personalized bride tribe proposals, everything should be special in its own way. Personalized “Will you be my maid of honor/bridesmaid ?!” mugs, cards, tea sets, tee shirts are all on trend and get the excitement building to create moments and keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

These moments you are going to share will be passed down through pictures, videos and stories to future generations, so indeed it needs to be taken seriously by all. When the bride tribe feels appreciated they give their best effort into making the wedding experience as magical as they can. Planning events such as a bridal shower and bachelorette party to helping choose the right cake, venue, decorations and dresses are all so incredibly important and nobody wants it to be a stressful experience. It is always a plus when brides have pictures at hand about their particular wants and needs so her tribe can be best prepared to help keep her satisfied and pleased. Attending bridal expos always keep everyone up to date, whilst showing as many options as possible.

I have fantastic news for you if you are interested in educating yourself about the wedding industry in a business related forum. It should be noted that the Wedding Convention is pleased to host the 2019 Wedding Convention Business Conference on Friday 7th June at the Carousel Room, Banquet & Conference Centre 3rd Floor, Fiesta Plaza Movie Towne Port of Spain.

Wonderful guest speakers will be present to share their knowledge such as Indira Couch, CEO of Action Coach, Judette Coward CEO of, Nigel Wall of ASK Leadership and Jillian Christmas owner of Shoeacholics. There will also be a Morning Shake Up with Guest Motivational speaker Arnold Best. Tickets are TT$425.00 and you can register online and pay at the event. The price includes lunch, refreshments and learning materials so it’s a steal of a deal. Reserve your spot at :

The Wedding Convention is also hosting an exhibition on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June from 12 noon to 7pm on both days also at the Banquet & Conference Centre 3rd Floor Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne POS.  Tickets are $150.00 at the door and patrons will receive wine and food, gift giveaways, wedding décor, Forever Lash Beauty Lounge, talented exhibitioners, live entertainment , magic mirror, wedding planning and Reliable Appliance gift registry. One lucky couple can even win $15,000.00 in brand new kitchen appliances !

Events like this display a wide range of trends and essential information all under one roof. The Wedding Convention’s goal after all is executing a quality event that carries an international standard, bringing together the talented vendors and service providers within the wedding industry to meet engaged couples, couples in relationships and event peers whilst offering a learning experience and networking opportunities for business owners within the industry. The bride and her bride tribe can have a blast together finding the perfect bridal looks, learning about what the latest styles are and of course how to create fabulous traditions of their own. Be sure to contact them for more information at 868-273-6373 /

With the proper planning, advice and a level of understanding everyone can be happy. Remember the bridal party may include women of various body types and preferences. If disagreements keep happening, choosing dresses of different styles but the same theme and colour is always a modern thoughtful option to consider. It is the small details like this that make the arguments lessen and give more time to focus on what is really important.

Being in a bride tribe is being chosen to be a crucial part of a loved one’s real life version of their fairytale. It represents the belief in not only a happily ever after but a new chapter, an exciting beginning into the untold future and that can be scary to accept without the right support. Indeed a bonding experience for females like no other that should not be taken for granted. Let’s celebrate the bride tribe for all it stands for and make every wedding day as momentous as it should be.


Daniella Cassano Mohammed

Daniella Cassano-Mohammed is a television host, writer and social media influencer. She aims to promote positive thinking and solutions by discussing important relationship issues in everyday life.

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