Nicole Dyer Griffith, A Woman Of Service

Nicole Dyer Griffith is known for her involvement in many areas of national development including pageantry, fashion, human and social development, business, politics, education and leadership. She represented Trinidad and Tobago in the Miss Universe pageant in 1999, served in the upper house [Senate] as a government senator and parliamentary secretary in the Former Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communications, worked in the corporate sector with ANSA McAL and Petrotrin, and in the public sector as a registered nurse. Nicole is a certified international protocol and business etiquette provider with the European School of Protocol. She is the founder of the GIII Foundation and the O2N Foundation and patron of a number of other organisations. She also championed the development of the ISOS [I Support Our Service] campaign. Nicole is married to Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith and is the mother to Gary Griffith III, aka ‘The Kid’.

Photography: Stephen Doobal| Dress: Heather Jones| Makeup: Mekelia Miller| Styling: Richard Young

I am currently working on a number of projects simultaneously — the largest of the lot being O2N STYLE 2 @ O2 PARK. This initiative has grown from a one-day event to a full fashion week including a specially-curated event at the historic Audrey Jeffers House for the diplomatic and consular corps, a very dynamic and timely panel discussion on developing the creative economy, three separate capsule showings and then the main events at O2N PARK. This festival is directed by Richard Young and we have been creating magic with what little we are availed with. This has been an enormous undertaking, and really, what’s possible has only become reality as a result of the strong partnerships we have developed and persons who believe in corralling the creative sector. ‘Diversification’ has been a catchword for many a year and I have always been an advocate for action. So, here we are getting it done.

Additionally, I am also in the midst of bettering my other businesses by becoming more technologically equipped in the near future. I will be undertaking an extraordinarily heavy travel schedule. I am really juggling quite an enormous task with a very short timeframe within which to do so, however, this keeps me excited as I saw somewhere quoted, “The cost of success is late nights, early mornings, feeling overwhelmed, and sometimes questioning your sanity, but at the end of it all, it’s worth seeing your dreams into fruition.”

I have been blessed to experience many a milestone, all of which I treasure dearly. The more recent one is being present to see the kid [my son] follow in his parent’s footsteps and represent his country in the sport he is most passionate about – football – at the World Cup Under-17 Qualifiers. It was emotional to the point of nerve-racking for me. For the kid, it was a moment of pride. For me, it was so much more. I could not even look at times. Gary and I were there along with a few other parents and it is something you really need to experience to appreciate the overwhelming feelings that are wrapped up in being a parent, seeing your child represent and wanting to ensure everything is ok along the way. It was a similar feeling when we were present for the Olympics in London and the three of us, stood screaming as we witnessed our gold medal being won, and shouting our national anthem until our voices were sore. One thing we have worked hard on instilling is national duty and national pride.

There are just a few more things on my bucket list to be checked, and fortunately, many of them are in train. My hopes and dreams are now for the kid. I have been blessed to have achieved so much in every sphere that I thank God for giving me an unimaginable drive that many do not and cannot understand. I am thankful. Everything I do now really revolves around human development, uplifting and purpose. I am also working on making a conscious effort to grow the “Oxygen with Nicole” brand internationally. I am not sure if being the consummate type A personality, with a hint of ADHD works, in my favour at all times, but it certainly ensures that I am never short of ideas and a mission. The ultimate goal for me is to be able to control my emotion as I watch the kid take the field at a premier league game. I might have to sedate myself for that!

When I am at the end of my rope and I feel like I just cannot give any more of myself, my time, my resources or my life, another idea pops up that I just have to execute.

when I look back upon my life, I know I would have done my part ten times over — and that is what it simply boils down to: doing your part without the expectation of hearing ‘thank you’.

I have given in the spheres of pageantry and fashion, politics, business, community service, philanthropy, education, human and social development — you name it, I have given. And many times, when you look at social media, in particular, the easiest thing is to see persons looking for the slightest thing to pick apart. And in those moments, this question arises. But you know what, it makes me happy being of service and in service, so I shrug it off and move right along. And that is essentially is my family’s orientation: we smile, endure, and move right along, as the more we give the more we grow!
My ability to operate is as a direct result of the MANY who have partnered with me along the way. Whilst there are always those lurking in the shadows waiting to cast aspersions, there are so many more cheering, praying and supporting. These persons exist in all spheres, simply look at the O2N STYLE project! I thank all of these persons, organizations, parties, and supporters, for without them I would never be able to breathe Oxygen into all I do. Thank you all!

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