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With over 10 years in the beauty industry, Renee Milford, known by many as bridal makeup artist, airbrush makeup educator, eyebrow threading and lash lifting specialist, has included the skill of sugaring hair removal in her list of certified practices. Not only do her clients love her for her specialty beauty services and her keen eye for detail, but they can always count on her to be punctual and ready for her appointments each time. And it’s no secret that her biggest accomplishment in life thus far is her daughter Sarai. Renee tells us that Sarai is her reward for everything that she has ever done right in her life. Added to this, she recaps a significant milestone in 2012 when she had just started threading eyebrows — it was her “aha moment” that relinquished a fear she had of messing up her clients’ eyebrows.

Every woman knows how frustrating it is to discover that your eyebrows aren’t symmetrical. For this reason, Renee finds joy in knowing that brow shaping is one of the things that she is being called for most often and now, eyebrow sugaring. Another

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important milestone for Renee was the bittersweet moment when she decided to leave her office job and registered her business Renee Milford Beauty. She attests that is is the support of her husband that helps her maintain the balance between being a good mother and chasing her vision of being a successful business owner.

Now that Renee has added the ancient Middle Eastern practice known as “sugaring hair removal” to her repertoire, our team got a chance to hear more from her on this new but not-so-new beauty practice that’s been getting a lot of attention on the local market.  

What is body sugaring?

Sugaring is a 100% natural hair removal technique using a paste made fro

m sugar, lemon, and water that will extract the hair follicle from the root with very minimal discomfort or irritation.

Why is sugaring better than waxing?

Sugaring is safe for sensitive skin conditions and it contains all natural ingredients, therefore it is not as traumatic to the skin like waxing. It is not applied hot and does not to adhere to live skin cells. Hairs are eased out of the follicle in the direction of growth, which helps to eliminate ingrown hairs as opposed to waxing, where the hairs are pulled out in the opposite direction of growth — and that usually results in hair breakage and leads to ingrowns.

Does it hurt?

Most types of epilation (removal of the hair from below the skin) carry some pain with it but there is definitely less discomfort than waxing. It is also dependant on the skill and technique of the “sugarist” and the individual’s threshold for pain.

How long does the hair have to be for sugaring?

For a clean extraction, your hair should be at least 1/16-inch long or just about one week after shaving should be good enough.

Can ladies who regularly shave/wax be great candidates for sugaring?

Whether you have shaved, waxed or never tried any type of hair removal before, sugaring will work for you as long as there are hairs to be extracted!

How man

y treatments until the hair growth diminishes?

With a consistent schedule, regular sugaring will noticeably reduce hair growth. The re-growth will take longer to appear and will be considerably finer. Extraction of the hair at 1/16-inch on a regular basis can lead to permanency but for each individual, the length of time would vary.

How long do the effects of sugaring last?

Generally, sugaring hair removal lasts 4 to 6 weeks but again, this varies from one person to another and is also dependent on the body area.

Top 3 Tips

How to avoid ingrown hairs?

A buildup of dead skin cells trap the hairs, trying to make their way above the skin, so the best way to free them would be through exfoliation once or twice per week.

How to prepare for sugaring?

Exfoliate two days before treatment. Don’t apply any creams, lotions or oils 24 hours prior to treatment.

Best after treatment care?

Avoid makeup lotions or products that contain perfumes or chemical irritants for 12 to 24 hours following the treatment.

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