Three Things You Must Do on the First of the Month

How did we get to May? I swear it was just January and I was on the way back from my Christmas holiday. The year is moving along and December will be here before you know it. Christmas, I’m waiting on you! Initially, this article was written to coincide with May 1st, however, these tips that I utilise in my life can be applied to any and every month.

What is great about the first of the month is that it gives you a reason to either begin or start over. While you can start a new diet or change a bad habit at any given moment, there’s so much you can do on the first of the month to ensure that you function efficiently and without worry in the coming days. Since I have started putting the below practices into effect, I have noticed improved efficiency and clarity in every aspect of my life.

1.  Organise

Take one project, task or space to organise and prepare for the month. It can be anything – your office space, bedroom, blogs or even your purse. For the month of May, I decided to organise my projects at work in order to stick to deadlines. Now that I have been in this new position publicity and events manager for a few months I have been given more projects to manage and with the extra responsibilities it could become very easy to lose control. I spent the last Friday of the month using our project management tool to organise my projects by tasks and due dates. When I get to the office on May 1st I will have reminders, alerts and lists for the tasks and projects I need to complete. No project management tool? No worries. There are lots of tools and resources you can use to help you achieve this alignment and efficiency in your work.

2.  Budget

Being able to plan and stick to a realistic budget is undoubtedly extremely important for achieving personal financial goals. It is also a necessity when you have your own life outside of your parents’ house and can’t exactly call them up anymore. What most people don’t know is that you should be reviewing your budget on a regular basis to make sure your budget is working. Yes, there is such a thing as a broken budget. For example, you may have to adjust your budget for travel expenses or just unexpected circumstances that tend to pop up. I take my anticipated income and expenses into one excel sheet and budget my entire month. I like to tell my money what to do instead of waiting for my money to tell me what I cannot do.

3.  Schedule

Conference and event season is upon us. It is that time of year when events are popping up all over the place and the best thing to do is to create a schedule of upcoming events for which you have to show up. I have multiple schedules for work and personal life that all merge into one calendar on my cell phone. By having them in a central place, I can see my full day and most importantly make sure to dress appropriately in the morning. I will know if I can just throw on my sneakers or if I need to wear my heels to a presentation during the work day.

Creating a vision for an entire month can be overwhelming. It takes practice and time to effectively plan for the month. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and start small. Begin to plan for the work week then slowly make your way from Monday through Friday to Monday through Sunday.   Then, try working on a schedule or budget for the next two weeks and work your way up to a month. You will definitely get the hang of it.  

I would like to reiterate that while we cannot predict the future, we are very capable of preparing ourselves accordingly to avoid future instances of anxiety or worry.

Happy May and make this month the best you’ve had this year.  

Kim Seelochan is a Dubai-based publicity and events manager. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the movies and getting her nails done while still trying to master the art of adulting!

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