Beach Reads for the Easter Weekend

The Easter long weekend is upon us and if you are anything like me, you will be finding yourself at a beach sometime during this four-day weekend. You will also more than likely have a book or two sticking out of the gigantic beach bag you’re toting. I will be off to Costa Rica during the Easter weekend and beach and reading are at the top of my vacation to-do list. While books that are considered “beach reads” tend to be light and fluffy, I consider a beach read any book you read at the beach. Below are five beach reads for almost every bookish taste:

Bad Blood Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Start-up by John Carreyrou
If you are in the mood for non-fiction that reads like fiction, I strongly suggest you pick up Bad Blood. This book blew my mind and it was so un-put-down-able, it made my top favourite reads for 2018. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Start-up is written by John Carreyrou, a writer at The Wall Street Journal. He gives an engrossing account of the whole Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes debacle. Elizabeth Holmes pulled off the biggest scam of the 20th century. Carreyrou gives us a deep dive into how this actually happened and how she got away with this fraud for so long. The writing is fascinating and engaging; it reads like fiction because of the bizarre things that happen. If you are looking for a tell-all in this scandal, this is your book.

Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
Five years ago, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn rocked our psychological thriller loving hearts. Since then, we have been searching for a book like Gone Girl; the search ended when Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides was released. A woman is placed into a mental institution after shooting her husband five times in the face and refusing to speak afterwards, even during her trial. She is sentenced to live out her sentence at this institution and does so without speaking, that is until a new psychologist arrives and makes it his mission to get her to talk. If you are in the mood for a dark, twisty, captivating, intelligent psychological thriller for your beach read, Silent Patient is it.

Becoming by Michelle Obama
Becoming was hands Down, the best memoir I’ve read in 2018 and that is expected – Michelle Obama wrote it. This is Michelle Obama like we have never seen her before: unencumbered, moving, flawed, deeply authentic and funny. In Becoming, Michelle Obama gave us an inside look at exactly what the race for presidency was like, how living under a spotlight as the First Lady affected her and her children, and how she was able to use her platform. If you are in the mood for a memoir that moves you and leaves you feeling hopeful I highly recommend this book.

Golden Child by Claire Adam
Written by Trinbagonian Claire Adam and set in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1980s, we meet the Deyalsingh family who will be faced with difficulties when the father Clyde is forced to make a hard decision. Golden Child was called “deeply moving” by actress Sarah Jessica Parker who added the book to her 2019 reading list. This book pulls you in from the very first chapter. Adam pulls the strings so tight in this book, the tension and build-up is palatable. Claire Adam’s writing is enthralling and beautiful and captures some of the social, cultural and economic of this country. This is the perfect read for Trini who is a looking for a more local read.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James
This one is for the fantasy readers out there. While you wait on George R.R. Martin to finish theGame Of Thrones series, Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James is a great distraction. Released inFebruary 2019 “Black Leopard, Red Wolf” is the first book in the Dark Star Trilogy. This trilogy has already been dubbed in the publishing world as “the African Game of Thrones” not just because of the hefty size of the book, but because James created a fantasy world like no other. I’ll be the firstto admit, this is not your typical beach read but if you are looking to be taken away and immersed into the world of Tracker and his mythical friends, I highly recommend this.

Cindy Allman is a Caribbean Girl Reading the World. A Jamaican living in Trinidad & Tobago, she is a top Goodreads reviewer and hopes to inspire you with her passion for books. Follow her at or @bookofcinz on Twitter and Instagram.

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