5 Trendy Looks for Easter

Easter carries with it, its own set of trends, whether florals, pastel colours, or large and luxurious hats. And whether its to church, lunch, brunch or a family get-together, its always the ideal time to show up and show off with some feminine styles that we know and love to wear or see on others. If you’ve been wondering what’s trending for 2019 and what will make heads turn no matter where you go this Easter weekend, these five trends might give you an idea.

  • Polka Dots – a print that truly stands the test of time is the polka dot. No, polka dots are not childish or clown-like but rather just plain old fun to wear. If you’re apprehensive about a dress that is fully polka dot, maybe opt for some shoes or a bag instead. But if you decide to wear a polka dot outfit be wary or wearing too many polka dot pieces and with similar sized dots, that’s just overkill. But they do look great when paired with other prints, so if you’re feeling daring, then go right ahead. And, there’s always the simple route of pairing it with a simpler/neutral piece if where you’re heading to this weekend requires a bit more sophistication. Also, pairing polka dots of various sizes is a fun way to wear this trend, where the different sizes create balance.

  • Tropical Prints – Not to be confused with floral, these bold prints include both flora and fauna and all the wild things that look chaotic but bring a sense of serenity when you’ve made it part of the perfect outfit. You might feel a bit intimidated by it, but don’t. Here are some easy ways to make it work, from whether you’re unsure about the trend to if you’re ready to dive right in. It’s easiest to wear one tropical print piece and then pair with more ‘toned down’ pieces if you aren’t trying to be too loud this Easter weekend. You can also do head to toe tropical print pieces, like a jumper, a flowing maxi dress, or a two-piece set which makes coordinating the outfit a bit easier. And, if you’re ready to be bold at brunch, pairing tropical with another print is something I totally approve of too.

  • Chequered Print – this is certainly nothing new to the fashion world and please don’t fear looking like a picnic tablecloth as there are ways to do this as chicly as possible. In most instances chequered print acts as a semi-neutral colour/print so that creating a cohesive outfit is minimally frustrating and you can easily wear it outside of the Easter weekend. Also, semi-neutrals, like neutrals go with just about anything you might think of wearing. The most classic way would be in black and white, but why not venture into yellows, pinks and greens this weekend?

  • Patchwork Print – In the mood to look like a trendy blanket? This blend of boho patterns and tones make wearing prints a bit easier for those who aren’t into daring colours. It’s also important to note that patchwork doesn’t necessarily mean random pieces of cloth strewn together in the hopes that it works – it most definitely can look cohesive. Patchwork dresses are an effortless chic that requires you to just wear it with confidence in order to make it work and the presence of various prints and textures add character to any outfit for any occasion. This weekend, you might just become the talk of the town in your patchwork ensemble.

  • Colourful Stripes – we are used to the black and white stripes, but now its time to get festive by adding colour. With wearing colourful stripes, the same general rules of stripe-wearing apply – like, the size of stripes you wear should complement your shape and size, (sometimes) horizontal stripes can make you look wider, and yes vertical stripes can make the body look longer and leaner.  First thing to note is that you can pair stripes with stripes and for a fun weekend with family, stripes make you the fun and stylish one among the bunch. Also, the wider the stripe, the bolder it will look on you so if you’re not as audacious just yet then start off small, like some pinstripes perhaps.

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