3 Easy & Creative Ways To Rock A Head Wrap

It has become quite a norm to see women wearing a head wrap and this isn’t just being done by women of African descent. While women in many cultures have been wearing headwraps for years, whether as a form of modesty or fashion, the headwrap look which originates from sub-Saharan Africa serves various purposes. The headwrap look is more than just a long piece of rectangular fabric used to cover the head, rather many tribes used this look as a form of identification either by the way it was wrapped, the styles and of course, the colours. Just from the way a woman would have wrapped her hair, could have helped others to identify her as a married woman or widowed and even whether she was old or young. Also it’s important to mention that this look wasn’t only seen on women but the men too – either to symbolise wealth or social status. In present day, head-wrapping has become more of a trend rather than a form of identification.

Now that this ancient cultural tradition of wearing headwraps (to cover one’s hair) is becoming more mainstream, it’s great to see that there are so many ways to wear this cloth and that makes it such a powerful closet addition. Kalifa Richards is the founder of Wrap Wear TT, a local headwrap brand recently launched as a brand that’s focused on providing the perfect accessory to enhance and protect your crown. Her company, although new, has already caught the attention of many and is bringing headwrap fashion and style to Trinidad and Tobago in an exciting way – one print at a time. Check out these easy and creative ways worth remembering before your next head-wrapping attempt.

Top Knot

The Top Knot head wrap look is perfect for a night out. Whether it be date night or girls night, this look not only saves you a bad hair night but also adds that extra edge to any outfit.

Step 1: Fold a scarf or fabric around the back of your head and tie into a knot at the front.

Step 2: Twist both ends of the scarf around until it forms into one large bun.

Step 3: Loop the fabric around the centre into a large top knot and tuck in the ends.



Funky Turban

The Funky Turban head wrap look provides that goddess finish that many women now love. Paired up with beautiful bronzy makeup, this wrap style can help you to stand out and shine in any room. You can wear it to brunch or an evening event such as a concert.

Step 1: Fold scarf or fabric around the back of your head and tie into a knot.

Step 2: Bring the ends to meet at the front, criss-cross the ends and wrap the excess around your head.

Step 3: Style the ends of the fabric by tucking in the sides the way you like to show up the beauty of the fabric.


Low Bun

The low bun head wrap look  is a quick wrap perfect for getting out the house quickly without much stress. This look saves you time and when paired up with large hoop earrings, brings out that Lauryn Hill in all of us. A perfect look to rock on a casual day out.

Step 1: Pull your hair into a bun just above the nape of your neck. If you have short hair, you don’t have to pull it into a bun. It will remain hidden under the scarf when you create the bun.

Step 2: Tie the scarf into a knot at the back of your head. Twist the ends of the fabric together like a long rope.

Step 3: Wrap the twisted pieces around itself to make the bun and tuck in the excess fabric beneath it.

These are just three simple yet creative looks you can do using a headwrap, however, there are many more looks to choose from. With a bit of experimentation and creativity you can pull together so many looks that can be worn with your swimwear at the beach, for a night out, at the gym or to any type of event. There are numerous exotic and coloured, tribal prints that are inspired by the amazing ethnic cultures. All in all, you can use headwraps in brilliant ways and bring your individual and original style. For more inspiration, remember to check out @XXthemag on Facebook to see our video on these looks.

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