More zessing, less stressing: Self-care beyond spa days and wine nights

It is possible that selfcare is taken for granted because as popular as it has become, some people still aren’t aware of its importance. Self- care habits are those that are done deliberately to maintain or improve one’s wellbeing, whether it be for physical, emotional or mental health. It can therefore, differ for each person since no two of us are the same anyway. A self-care activity for one may sound like a terrible time to another. We must remember that although no small feat, self- care can very well be made up of the little things. Nothing is wrong with a spa day, or trip abroad, but peace of mind can also be an ice cream away! Your well being depends a lot on what you choose to focus your attention on. Let’s make it positive as that’s what counts!

What’s bugging you, Boo? To successfully take care of yourself, for yourself – the issue must be known to you. Has something that someone done upset you? Communicate! The same way you would have a conversation with said person is the same way you should be able to communicate with yourself. Intra-personal communication is even more important than the interpersonal. Reason being, no message can be efficiently transferred if the sender isn’t clear on what that message must be, so get to the root of the issue. Is it possible that your stresser is environmental? Maybe take a mental health day. Listen to your body to determine what it needs, sometimes it is rest. Not the kind of rest where your mind is going a mile a minute and you check your phone every 20 seconds – no… actual rest. Stay present but do nothing.

Marie Kondo your mind! Decluttering and organising your thoughts are absolute necessities in the self-care process. We must literally unpack and dispose of any thoughts that may be stressing us out or holding us back from the joy that we all deserve. Journalling can be therapeutic, and getting thoughts onto paper helps us to prioritise what may have happened in that day or week to determine how much of our energy should really be given to it. Be mindful that this should be a continuous process – self-care is not a one and done job.

On the other hand, I am of the belief that we shouldn’t only write about negative emotions. Take time to reflect on the positive aspects of your day to day and maybe start a gratefulness list. In the end, positivity begets positivity.

Self-care activities also include those that benefit the physical body. Perhaps your happiest times were spent on a tennis court. Get back out there and revel in that joy. After all, being the best version of yourself benefits everyone and doing what you enjoy can help you be just that. Maybe you like to knit and you haven’t in a while. This is your opportunity to get creative with those needles girl! While I am an advocate for any form of physical activity, a slow paced Sunday may be more your style. Why not set up your at-home beauty bar, whether it be a facial or pedicure or any DIY project that benefits you.

Lastly, when speaking about nourishing the body we must mention food. Treat yourself to your favourite flavour at that new dessert spot. Don’t you ever feel guilty, remind yourself that moderation is key!

Nourish the soul! While we have our bodies for a finite period of time, our spirits are eternal. Noting this fact is a great starting point in taking care of this part of yourself. For some, this may mean going to an actual place of worship while for others it may be meditating in their personal environment. Whatever it entails, ensure to focus your undivided attention to the act. As with all other aspects of life, you receive what you put in. You’re guaranteed to reap the most benefits in the long run if your efforts are earnest. I’m talking to you Cassie, don’t just meditate because Lana is doing so.

Let’s face it queens, life will always have some degree of stress, but the golden opportunity is in  your reaction. If it is within your control then by all means, do something about it! However, if it is not, learn to stay calm and allow things to pass. Read a book, take a nap or dance it out. Self-care habits only work if they are within your means.

Belief in the magic of simplicity. Take some much needed rest, but never quit and remember as Alex Elle reminds us, “You owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people.”

A firm believer in meeting you where you are for your health and wellness goals, Zakiya-Tuere Savary is a budding health educator with a passion for dance; fulfilling her purpose one health promoting tip at a time. Follow her on IG @tueretalks

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