5 steps to a great nighttime skincare routine

As much as it’s important for us to have the best skincare routine to tackle the day, it’s more important to have the right routine to wash the day away and help the skin recover at night. Never underestimate the power of a great nighttime skincare routine because the skin literally regenerates during sleep. Not to mention, the steps of your nighttime skincare routine can make a great self care ritual that relaxes you at the end of the day. Taking several steps each day to apply skincare products might feel excessive, but won’t you prefer to take care and maintain your skin now than later in life when it becomes more difficult to get results? You have already heard from us on how to have a great daytime  skincare routine, now here are five steps to a great nighttime skincare routine.

1. Double Cleanse

Double cleansing may seem like an annoying task to do every single night but it truly makes all the difference! Throughout the day, especially if you’re not only wearing skincare products and your skin is layered with makeup, your pores are being filled with all the grime and unsightly airborne particles. This is why it is important that you ensure to cleanse your skin of these bad guys every night. This part of your routine doesn’t have to be excessive, you can simply start the cleansing process with makeup-removing wipes. Many aestheticians have said however that wipes can be a little aggressive for the skin since we naturally tend to roughly wipe our faces in attempt to cleanse. If you want to ensure a gentle cleansing step, try an oil- based cleanser. Oil-based cleansers are a great option as they loosen and pick up dirt and grime in the same way a wipe would. Once that initial cleansing step is completed, it is recommended that you use an antioxidant-based cleanser to ensure a deep clean and build-up free pores.

2. Tone

We’ve already told you how important it is to include toning in your routine in our last article.  At night though, it becomes a more crucial step to take. Some might say that a good toner is often a skincare guru’s secret weapon! Toners do the simple yet effective job of balancing your skin’s pH and they also create a clean canvas that is better able to absorb your nighttime products. Cleansers are designed to disrupt the skin’s pH and pull out the dirt and grime. Afterwards, the epidermal layers of your skin need to return to a normal pH level for optimal absorption of products. Many skincare experts recommend using a different toner at nighttime from the one you use in the morning, as nighttime toners are able to pack more of a punch with acids and enzymes. If this is too much, then you can simply get your hands on a mild rosewater toner which is just as amazing and can be used any time of day.

3. Mask

Once you have cleansed and toned your skin, you’re off to a great start. These steps are very important but it’s what you do afterwards that would give you the results you’re looking for. Applying a face mask might be the most time consuming part of your routine but most face masks are often filled with all the ingredients your skin wants. In fact this isn’t a step you need to include every single night but once or twice a week should do the job. Masks are amazing because they address specific skin concerns. Whether you are battling blemishes, dryness, or hyperpigmentation, there is an amazing option for you. The right mask for your skin concern can help fight your skin problems, pull out impurities and hydrate the skin in ways some of your other products cannot. Are you looking for that natural glow effect? Girl, you need to get your masking on.

4. Apply treatments

More recently, it has become a must for women to use skin treatments, commonly referred to as serums. These serums are concentrated formulas filled with active ingredients that work wonders for the skin.

Unfortunately, the skin can’t deeply penetrate all the ingredients in the products we use but since serums contain a smaller molecular size, they are absorbed deeply into the skin quite easily thus making them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns. There are two different types of serums that you can choose from: oil-based and water-based.

Both are effective, but the difference is in the application. Water-based serums such as acids/retinols, are to be applied before you moisturise. Oil-based serums on the other hand would be applied after moisturising due to their larger molecular size. The best part about serums is that they work throughout the night giving you the kind of results you’re looking for.

5. Moisturise

Lastly, and quite importantly, is this step of moisturising. Moisturising with night creams are fantastic since they typically have a richer base than day creams that allow them to hydrate and lock in treatments as you catch up on beauty sleep.

A quality night cream can lead to hydrated, smoother and more glowing skin. While we would have told you to consider moisturisers that contain SPF during the day, at night this isn’t necessary. Instead choose a night cream for your skin concern and allow it to do it’s job as you relax and rest for the next day.

Remember when you’re purchasing your products, keep your desired results in mind. When looking for a nighttime moisturiser, identify what you would most like to address, and select ingredients from there.

Now that you know these steps to a great nighttime routine get those products and go tackle your skin concerns. While seeking professional care is sometimes necessary, the efforts should start at home with a consistent routine. If you missed our five steps to a great daytime skincare routine remember you can check it out here on wemagcaribbean.com!

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