Conservative swimwear that makes everyBODY feel beautiful

Khadija Glasgow is a media professional who is well known in the creative industry. She wears many hats as an actress, dancer, educator, radio and television producer and presenter and even artiste manager and creative consultant. She says “I think once you function in the creative industries, you find yourself being well rounded, functioning in all the various facets. ” In addition to the aforementioned, Khadija simply loves to dress up. A conservative dresser is how she describes herself. “I prefer to have my body covered. I have worked as a marketing and creative consultant for a major local brand DAWW Creations and I m the brand ambassador for two other local brands, Angel Glow Designs and Shoeaholics, hosts/emcee a number of fashion shows such as Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week and FAME Caribbean, so people would see me as being thick in the fashion industry. “This was once all Khadija knew of fashion until the birth of her conservative swimsuit line Cicily Swim Line.” 

Khadija tells us that it is her passion for conservative swimsuits that pushed her into the fashion industry. You might be wondering,  “What exactly is conservative swimwear and why this type of fashion?” According to the designer, conservative swimwear is an ideal option for women like herself who prefer to maintain coverage even when going swimming.

Cicily Swim Line is here to remind women with a keen sense of self, who are modest and conservative, that there are swimsuit designers that think of them, and encourage them to feel and be beautiful without conforming to the hyper-sexual way of the world. Cicily Swim Line is here to make everyBODY feel beautiful.


“I prefer to dress conservatively, which also extends into swimsuits. Because I don’t like my body exposed, even when getting into the water. I started making my own swimsuits, which ideally were swim dresses. Every time I would wear one, people would ask about where I purchased it, and I will have to respond with the coy I made it myself . One time when I was asked if I can make for others, I replied to the ladies YES, I will make for you all. Sometime after that, my friend and mentor Dexter Musgrave asked,  So what about the swimsuits you making girl and I replied instinctively, I’m working on them, his response was, Great! I’m happy you are the solution to a problem. I believe that is when the REAL desire was birthed for me to create and be persistent.” 

Khadija makes it clear to us that at no time being a fashion designer was anywhere on her to-do list. However it was the thought of accommodating women like herself, being a solution to a problem and a new year resolution, sent Khadija full speed ahead into creating and owning the process of being a swimwear designer. She may not have any tertiary level training in design but with encouragement and a passion, she has taught herself all that she knows and gives credit to her great mentors. Cicily Swim Line brings swim dresses to a place and time where swimsuits just seem to be getting smaller and more naked. Cicily provides an option for conservative and modest women. The style triangle for Cicily is edgy, playful and smart.

While the concept is not new, and seems to be unpopular, Khadija tells us that the idea of swim dresses is unique. The self-taught designer expresses that when looking at the few swim dresses or modest swimsuits online, some of them are not as trendy and stylish in design, they seem quite basic. This is how she makes her own designs stand out, describing them each as having a personality and DNA of its own. She explains that oftentimes people who wear conservative swimsuits lament about the expense, and the fact that they have to look abroad/online to get them. This is where she sees the local brand Cicily Swim Line filling a void. This swimwear can be found at retail stores locally and on social media, where they can be purchased and delivered. More recently the designer has been tapping into the pop up shop culture.

One customer said,  “OMG, I can go to the beach and pool again!” Another said on Instagram recently  “These are beautiful! Especially for moms like me who are conservative but still wanna slay! ” Cicily Swim Line is simple. With the coming of Easter weekend, you may want to consider your swimwear early to remain ready and trendy for the beaches.

For conservative women, Cicily swim dresses are available in XS, S, M, L with plus sizes coming soon. The dimensions cater primarily to the shape and make of Caribbean women. Cicily Swim Line can be found on Facebook and Instagram @cicilyswimline.

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