The hidden truth behind your ‘healthy’ snacks?

Nowadays, “healthy” snacks are becoming some of the hottest products on the market. Fitness influencers on social media, and sometimes even larger companies, are always posting about the best new “healthy” snack alternatives that consumers seem to eat up — literally. Have you ever stopped to wonder what actually makes these snacks healthy? Or are they even really healthy at all? Let’s break down six healthy snack alternatives that are currently on the market and see what we find.

Vegan Cookies

Just because the package says “vegan” does not mean it’s healthy or better for you in any way. Many of these cookies are still made with refined flours and loads of sugar, leaving them lacking in the necessary nutrients and fiber. And let’s not talk about the calorie intake. If you’re not getting the necessary nutrients, it’s just a mixture of excess sugar and carbohydrates that your body does not need.

If you’re on the hunt for a nutritious sweet treat, make one yourself at home. Dig through your pantry for nutrient-rich ingredients like rolled oats, almond butter and chia seeds, and search for a healthy alternative on 

Gluten Free

Again, “gluten free” does not mean that the food you’re eating is healthy. All that means is that gluten is removed from the equation -— this is the ingredient that provides that delicious, chewy texture you love in breads and muffins. Usually, to offset what is now lacking, manufacturers add fillers like sugar and other chemical-filled products. This also means that calories and carbs add up quicker than most.

Veggie Chips

You see those bags that you pick up in the snack aisle? Yea, the ones with the fresh veggies on the front. Ok, if those veggies were really as “fresh” as they claim, then why not just eat a carrot? Or a stick of celery? Why not use the real thing as opposed to buying processed snacks. More often than not, these chips are just regular ole potato chips sprinkled with some veggie powder for colouring. Take a close look at the calorie, carb, sodium and fat counts — sometimes these veggie chips are just as fattening as the potato chips you’re trying to avoid.

Why not try a healthier alternative at home? Thinly slice beets, sweet potatoes or carrots; drizzle them with some olive oil and sprinkle with some salt and pepper, then bake. You’ll have a much healthier option and a delicious snack. It’s not only better for you but also more cost effective.

Protein Bars

Yes, I said it. This hurts my heart, too. Many of these protein bars contain the same amount of sugar as a candy bar with just a few more added grams of protein to make them “healthier”. Try getting your protein from more natural sources like; meat, poultry, legumes, beans, fish and eggs. These sources give you more protein from less questionable sources.


Many of these branded, “smart” cereals aren’t all that different from the sugary goodness you ate as a child. Try looking at the back of the box instead of the front when making your decision. The cereal you choose to buy should have fewer than 10 grammes of sugar, have at least 5 grammes of fiber and contain bran.

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