Secure the bag, except this one:The underlying causes of under eye bags and how to treat it

I was having a conversation with a friend where she admitted that she doesn’t know why she s surprised that teenage habits don t work anymore. This could possibly be that we’ve added on ten years to 18.. we’re basically knocking thirty, sis. She was referring to the couple times she’d fallen asleep with makeup on and woken up looking like Wanda Jackson from In Living Colour yikes! Growing older is great and all, but with aging- tissues and muscles especially around the eye tend to weaken. The outward appearance can change, often leading to  bags under the eyes.

Ageing sometimes brings wisdom, but also, eye bags. There may be puffiness as eyelid- supporting fat naturally moves to the lower lids you know, with gravity and all. The good news is, the issue about these bags is we simply may dislike how they look. However, they don’t usually suggest any grave medical illness and for that we got to be thankful girl! Additionally, less sleep is never actually a good thing, unless it’s for Trinidad Carnival *shameless plug*, but seriously, fatigue can be another reason for the not so cute, or designer bags on your face. Sometimes, small capillaries surrounding the eyes can actually break as a result of…you guessed it!-stress. Emotional tension can be reflected physically and the eyes are no exception.

Lastly, we really were born in the perfect place! Sun, sea and sand- what more can we ask for? However, it is very easy to take sun exposure for granted because of how accustomed we are. Unprotected skin under the eyes can lose elasticity and even result in some sagging due to this overexposure.

So what can we do?! First off, hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Afterall, our bodies are made up of roughly 70 per cent water and our skin is our largest organ. In order to keep the skin hydrated, don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

We want to delay skin aging as much as possible so there’s no time like the present to up your water intake. Fruit- infused water counts too especially since you’d get the benefits of your chosen fruit as well.

A tell tale sign of adequate water intake is urine that is pale in colour. Another thing to note is depending on your level of physical activity (something we should ALL have), individual hydration needs differ. Vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits should be included in the diet as we try to work magic from the inside out. It aids with collagen production (one of the proteins that provides skin with structure) so the skin appears firmer and with less fine lines. Simultaneously, vitamin C can also help fight free radicals produced from any UV damage encountered over the years.

Foods rich in iron like legumes and dark green leafy vegetables can also be helpful as they are important in red blood cells being able to sufficiently transport oxygen around the body, including the eyes and surrounding skin. Ultimately, cutting back on salt intake does wonders. And if you re pondering where you’ve heard that recently, it s right here in XXtheMag! Increased salt from processed foods encourages fluid retention in the body which can portray itself externally.

Externally, removing makeup well is one way to preserve our skin, especially if it’s worn often. Soap and water won’t do the trick this time Helen. An oil based remover works well, just be sure to get rid of any excess oil especially depending on your skin type. Secondly, being disciplined and consistent with a facial care regimen is important. I know the struggle is real, but at least the benefits are worth it.

Particularly important before bed besides cleansing well is to apply any serum that meets your skin objective; whether it be softer skin or getting rid of dark marks. Thirdly, ice placed directly under the eyes can lessen the appearance of blood vessels as the cold temperature can constrict them.

Ascorbic acid present in cucumbers tends to reduce water retention therefore lessening the look of puffiness. Tea bags can have an anti- inflammatory result due to the antioxidants present. Of course, we must make mention of the holy grail- sleep! Try to get more than just a cat nap for the majority of the week. Afterall, securing the bag won t be worth it if you aren’t at your best health to enjoy the rewards.

Being aware of the main causes of under eye bags can help in alleviating the problem whether internally or externally. Of course, a combination of the two is most ideal as one is short and the other, long term. Until next time, eat well, hydrate and don t lose sleep over other people s business.
Keep rising, Queen!

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