25 Lessons I’ve learned in my 25 years (Part One)

In January of this year it dawned on me that in just a mere six months, I would be 26. While I don’t think I’m having a quarter life crisis, I spent about a week in deep thought (I tend to get very reflective and emotional at such times) Truth is, I am still young but not THAT young. On the inside, I still feel like 16 just with more responsibilities, a job and a life outside of my parents’ house. Although I tell myself that there really aren’t many differences between current me and 16 year-old me in terms of my ambition, drive and overall outlook on life, I must admit that my mindset has completely changed. I try my hardest to not let life ‘make me hard or bitter’, regardless of the situations I encounter during adulthood. It’s important to retain your youthful innocence to a degree while embracing the wisdom that naturally comes with the ‘aging’ process.

During my reflective state, in my journal I listed out 25 lessons I’ve learnt along the way and truth be told I really debated sharing this- part of me felt like ‘on no TMI’ while the other was like ‘just let it go.’ Ultimately I decided to let it go because I hope that those in a similar situation would be able to find comfort and relate to the below…so here we go

You are worthy

We each have our own goals and dreams and ambitions and what I have realized this year is that we are all so deserving and worthy of achieving everything we set out to. Happiness is for every one and abundance is unlimited. What is for you is for you; joyfulness is not dished out sparingly. Affirm your happiness everyday nevertheless.

Time is a limiting belief.

It does not matter if you are 25, 20 or 30, we all aught to be very proud of ourselves for simply making it this far. Each day is a gift after all. Stop comparing yourself to those who are younger or more ‘established’ and focus on your own desires.

Let go of your regrets

Stop dwelling on the past and forgive yourself and others whole-heartedly. You can’t build a proper future for yourself if you keep thinking about what could have or should have happened. We only have the now so make use of it.

Don’t dim your light to make other people more comfortable

We have all been guilty at one point of downplaying our awesomeness just to fit in or please a certain person or circumstance. Each time this happens we stray further away from being our authentic selves and then the people around you basically have no idea who you really are. Peel back the layers and let yourself shine genuinely. Those who truly matter really wouldn’t mind.

Don’t rely on others to make you happy

Be your own best friend and take full control of your emotions. Your joy should never depend on another person’s moods or actions.

Treat yourself, when necessary

As someone who recently overcame a guilt complex around this, I know just how important it is to truly prioritize you. You don’t have to hustle and grind 24/7 365 days to make your dreams a reality. Prioritizing play is equally as important. #Teamnosleep is so 2015. #SelfCare is in.

Gratitude is everything

Literally nothing is guaranteed therefore each passing second is truly a gift. Once you realize how much you have to be thankful for, watch as your life changes. The more grateful you are- the more you will have to be grateful for.

Great friends are true gems, don’t take them for granted

Is it just me or as you get older the appreciation for your friends grows deeper simultaneously? Real friends are amazing gifts and absolutely necessary. There is nothing that can compare to laughing your heart out or just spending quality time with either your best tribe or just one friend.

Mindset, mindset, mindset

I have always had a very strong mind (sometimes stubborn) but this year I have realized how important it is to plant the seeds in your own mind. Once you take responsibility for your own thoughts, your reality shifts completely. Don’t allow others to contaminate your views or feelings.

Education is important

Never stop learning and strive to grow your mind every day. Even if it’s through reading a book or taking a course, it is so important that your mind stays sharp and fed with knowledge, regardless of if you are still in school or not.

Kim Seelochan is a Dubai based Film Publicist for Warner Bros. Pictures obsessed with all things movies and fitness. She’s a Trinidad native who is still trying to master the art of adulting. Follow me! @kimseelochan
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