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Ladies, we have already shared with you the simplicity and versatility you can get when you wear a full lace wig. This week we aren’t just talking about wigs but braided wigs. In the past wigs would be commonly seen in hairstyles that are straight or curly but rarely more adventurous or bold. Nowadays, women are alternating their usual lace front wig with bright colours and full braided wigs, Yes that’s right! Whether it be box braids, goddess braids, micro braids, you name it, they are all being done. To add to that women are showing their true selves by doing them in bright bold colours. What better time to see this look than during Carnival time?

We already know when wearing wigs, there’s no commitment to a particular hairstyle. Women have been pushing their style further by using braided wigs to achieve trendy braid styles that they love without having to run the risk of damaging their own natural hair.

Many times when braids are done too tightly or are kept in too long, the end result is the “B word”. Yup—breakage. Our hair in all it’s glory is already quite delicate that some of these braided looks can cause more harm than good when done too tightly and too small in size. This doesn’t mean that you would never get to rock those Beyonce lemonade braids that you love or Brandy’s micro braids that’s been around for years. Instead, you now have the option of wearing braided wigs that allows you to switch up your look while protecting your hair. It is for this reason the trend has caught on, so much so that it’s sometimes hard to determine whether women are actually braiding their own natural hair or wearing a braided wig.

The XX team spent some time at the Kim Eds Salon at 57 Carlos Street in Woodbrook where hairstylist Kimberly Edwards-Daniel demonstrated the installation process for the braided wig. We already know many women may want to try these types of wigs and more so bring out their inner Hollywood diva by having it done in bright colours during the Carnival season. Kim has broken down for us the simplicity in the process and why you should consider this look for carnival 2k19. Here are some answers to many of your questions to help you decide whether or not this look is for you.

Who can wear the braided lace wig ?

Women of all hair types can get this amazing look for the season. Whether your hair is extremely long or really short, wearing wigs is an easy way to bring a whole new lady to the table.  It’s quick, easy and versatile.

How should you prep your hair?

If your hair is more than 4 inches long, you would need to have the hair braided away or contained beneath a hair stocking for the wig installation. Since you may wear your wig for a couple of weeks, you really want to ensure your scalp is clean to minimise any itchy feeling. Ensure to have a shampoo and condition done before putting your hair away under the hair stocking or wig cap.

Products required?

Typically your hairstylist would need to utilise a wig cap and hair pins when prepping the hair. Moisturising products such as a leave in conditioner or hair oil may also be needed to apply to your natural hair for added moisture beneath the wig.  If your hair is being braided, hair jam or a similar product may be required for the braided process to neatly hold the hair in place. If you’re lucky your stylist may already provide these products and you’d just have to show up with the hair prepped for the wig installation.

How long does the styling process take?

The good thing about this type of hairstyle is that it doesn’t have to take long hours of you sitting in the salon chair when you’re on a tight schedule. Even if you want to get those  fine senegalese twists and micro-braid styles, you don’t have to worry about the seven hours of braiding. This style, if the stylist chooses to prep your hair for you, can be done in 1 hour. Hairstylist Kim tells us the style is simple enough that it can be done in a short time which makes it ideal for the season when women just want to slay at carnival events without much hassle

How to maintain the look?

After installation, this final look can stay in place for about two-four weeks depending on how well its maintained. To keep your look fresh, mist the braids with water a little water, and apply a mousse. Tie your hair down with a satin head scarf overnight for sleeping, to keep it nice and smooth.

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