5 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

We’ve all heard about the fashion “rules” such as don’t let your bra straps show, or only wearing shiny flashy clothing for evening affairs and that we clearly pretend to follow. But this time, I’m not talking about the “rules,” I’m talking more about the fashion bad habits we tend to have such as overspending, ending up in wardrobe mayhem over so many useless items, being attached to items that really need tossing far away and the list goes on. So, here’s some of the most mistakes we make when it comes to fashion and the ways we can avoid them.

Getting caught up with the word “sale”: I know we all love to hear this four-letter word but, ultimately, we should always let good sense prevail. Indulging in sales make us end up with pieces we don’t need, pieces we won’t wear, things that don’t fit but we decided to take it just because there was the word “sale” on it. When wrapped in a sale, ask yourself first, does this item fit into my general wardrobe? Is it something I would buy at regular price? Do I have something else in my closest with the same purpose? Once you truthfully answer these questions to yourself, you should know then and there if that piece is going home with you or staying right on the sale rack. More often than not, those sale pieces stay right there once you ask yourself these pertinent questions.

Tailor-phobia: You have something that’s been sitting in your wardrobe for months now because it’s too big, or long or it just doesn’t fit right, that’s what a tailor is for! You already paid for the piece so you should be able to wear it. I know that will cost you some extra money, so you try to convince yourself that you can wear it as is, but deep down in your heart you know it could look better.

Instead of pretending it works in its current state, find a tailor you’re comfortable with, who can also fit within your budget and make them a weapon in your style arsenal. Understanding that fit is a major component of acing your personal style makes it easier for you to admit when a tailor needs to intervene. Yes, it may cost you a bit extra, but it will be worth the confidence boost and the stunning fit.

Thinking a cobbler only exists in stories like The Elves and the Shoemaker: No, a cobbler isn’t a thing of fairy tales. Shoes go through a lot of wear and tear especially if we’re always on the go and it’s likely not practical for us to buy a new pair every two months.
He’s the one that’ll make sure you get all the life out of those shoes. Cobblers often issue preventative care for you beloved shoes such as putting rubber soles on the bottoms leather soled shoes to keep them in good condition. He can also treat then with various sprays and repellents to help keep moisture at bay that can damage your shoes faster, as well as prevent stains to ensure they always look brand new.

Retail Therapy: We’re all guilty of buying something to make use feel better whether it’s chocolate cake or a new pair of shoes. However, when retail therapy becomes a habit, then we have a problem.

Retail therapy brings almost all the same issues of getting caught up in sales, however, it’s done to avoid an even larger issue like stress or anxiety which we ideally need to find healthier ways to deal with. For this, I’d suggest knowing what triggers you to make these impulsive, unplanned purchases and have a plan of action of what to do when it happens.

The 48-72 hour rule is one I personally employ in my own life, if where after this time has passed and I still feel strongly that I need the item, then, and only then do I allow myself to get it, this reduces bad spending and the impulse purchase. Sticking to a strict budget when it comes to clothing and accessories also aids in curbing this habit and allows you to re-evaluate the things you have and what you need to add to your closet.
Buying something because it’s “in style” but it’s NOT your style: It’s easy to get engulfed in all the latest trends but is it really the wisest choice for us? For example, neon is trending, but your wardrobe is mainly neutral colours, what convinced you that you were really going to wear the neon pink crop top?
Exactly! Just like the questions we asked when it comes to being by sales, do it for this as well. Ask yourself, do you like this trend and will be able to incorporate it into your wardrobe? Ask yourself if you do get it how often will it be worn? And once again answer truthfully, then you’ll know that this new piece just isn’t right for you and you should leave it right where you found it.

Which of the above are you guilty of? And what are you doing to kick the habit? I hope going forward we (myself included) adopt some healthier fashion habits.

Rochelle is a 25-year-old digital marketer by day, blogger/beauty product junkie by night. And all day, every day I’m an advocate for things local & regional. My blog ellerstyle.com features products and services available right here in Trinidad & Tobago and, by extension, the Caribbean so that we can get familiar. Follow me on IG @eller_style!

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