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Yes, you read it right! This week we are talking about wigs but not just any regular wig as you may see commonly but bright neon wigs. Women have been wearing wigs for centuries yet many of us are still nervous about trying the look. Wigs are a fantastic option for the carnival season simply because there’s no need to worry about feeling limited with your look. With wigs, there’s no commitment to a particular hairstyle. As women we tend to do so much with our hair, sometimes too much that cause these delicate follicles to be pulled and tugged to their death. With that, the end result is often stressed hairlines, breakage, scalp irritations and more. The leaves many women looking for alternatives can change up their hairstyle for special events while maintaining their hair’s strength.

When carnival time comes around, we usually want our hair to look slayed but still not have worry too much about the long wait at the salon. This is where the full lace wig can save the day! It’s a great way to wear your natural hair but get the versatility of hairstyles. Not to mention, you can push the limits and have your wig dyed in bright electrifying colours for the season to match the bold colours often see in costumes for the road and even at some of the hottest fetes. The trend has caught on particularly because women can still achieve their desired bright colours, without having to permanently change there own hair colour.

Hairstylist and wig guru Kimberly Edwards- Daniel of the Kim Eds salon demonstrated an ombre neon green wig installation for us showing how women can have their look fully transformed for the greatest show that is Trinbago carnival. We know that many women may want to try these types of wigs and more so bring out their inner Hollywood diva by having it done in bright colours but may be a bit hesitant. However, Kim has broken down for us the simplicity in the process and why you should consider this look for carnival 2k19. Here are some answers to many of your questions to help you decide whether or not this look is for you.

Who can wear the full lace wig?

Women of all hair types can get this amazing look for the season. Whether your hair is extremely long or really short, wearing wigs is an easy way to bring a whole new lady to the table. It s quick, easy and versatile.

How should you prep your hair?

If your hair is more than 4 inches long, you would need to have the hair braided away or contained beneath a hair stocking for the wig installation. Since you may wear your wig for a couple of weeks, you really want to ensure your scalp is clean to minimize any itchy feeling. Ensure to have a shampoo and condition done before putting your hair away under the hair stocking or wig cap.

Products required?

Typically your hairstylist would need to utilize a wig cap and hairpins when prepping the hair. Moisturizing products such as a leave-in conditioner or hair oil may also be needed to apply to your natural hair for added moisture beneath the wig. If your hair is being braided, hair jam or a similar product may be required for the braided process to neatly hold the hair in place. If you’re lucky your stylist may already provide these products and you’d just have to show up with the hair prepped for the wig installation.

How long does the styling process take?

The good thing about this type of hairstyle is that it doesn’t have to take long hours of you sitting in the salon chair when you’re on a tight schedule or you’re probably late to meet your team to hit the fete. This style, if the stylist chooses to prep your hair for you, can be done in 1 hour. Hairstylist Kim tells us the style is simple enough that it can be done in a short time which makes it ideal for the season when women just want a quick yet cute hairdo for events.

How to maintain the look?

After installation, this final look can stay in place for about two-four weeks depending on how well it’s maintained. It is advised that at night women should band the hairline to ensure the lace front stays stuck in place and then have the rest of the hair tied up under a satin bonnet or satin scarf. The great thing about your wig is that it can be removed and used again for another desired look. Simply change the hair colour, curl it, straighten it, trim it and you have different versions of yourself for various events. After all, if we can change our makeup every day we should be able to change up our hair too right?



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