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The goddess braids that we commonly see today trace all the way back to times in African history when many women wore their hair in cornrows. This  widely popular protective style, especially when done long with an addition of colour is another highly requested look for the carnival season that brings a whole new dimension to the look of many women for fetes and the road. This braided style is a piece of artwork in itself which we were able to witness as hairstylist Kimberly Edwards- Daniel of the Kim Eds salon demonstrated the technique to us. Kim tells us that these types of braided styles are not just perfect for carnival but also make a great option for women who want to give their hair a break and protect it from any external damage.

We know deciding which braided style to do for the carnival season might make you a bit weary. I mean when it comes to braids you run the risk of either looking like your teenage self again or you might just discover your inner diva that you didn’t realize existed all along. This goddess braid might just bring you a change of heart and we have answers to many of your questions to help you decide whether or not this look is for you.

Who can wear the goddess braids?

Women of all hair types can get this amazing look for the season. Ideally women should have at least 4 inches in hair length. Ladies don’t get too worried if your hair is shorter, it doesn’t mean that you could never achieve this look with your hair length. 4 inches is simply the length that is easier on your stylist and would last longer since it results in less flyaways.

How should you prep your hair?

All protective braid styles should be done on freshly washed hair. If your hair is mostly dry then it’s prone to breakage as it would lose moisture easily. Hair stylist Kimberly Edwards showed us how easy it is to prep the hair for braiding using the Garnier Fructis Whole Foods shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. Chances are you’d leave the braided style in for a week or 2, even longer if the braids are done in a smaller size, therefore you really want to ensure your scalp is clean to minimize any itchy feeling. Additionally, for naturals, hairstylists tend to blow out the hair to accomplish a sleek finish because we know those curls and kinks can be stubborn. If you’re uncomfortable with the stylist washing and applying heat to your natural hair of course you can prep it yourself before following your regular routine.

Products required?

This inexpensive style can be created using natural hair or hair extension. The style usually include at least 2 braids which tends to be the go to by many women for carnival as it makes the styling process shorter. Typically your hairstylist would ask you to purchase from a beauty supply store 1 – 2 packs of X-pressions or Kankelon hair to be braided into your hair (depending on the desired length of extensions) as well as a hair jam or a similar product for holding the hair in place. If you’re lucky your stylist may already provide these products and you’d just have to show up with the hair prepped for styling.

How long does the styling process take?

The good thing about this type of hairstyle is that it doesn’t have to take long hours of you sitting in the salon chair when you’re on a tight schedule or you’re probably late to meet your team to hit the fete. This style, if the stylist chooses to prep your hair for you, can be done in 1 hour. Hairstylist Kim tells us the style is simple enough that it can be done in a short time which makes it ideal for the season when women just want a quick yet cute hair do for events.  

How to maintain the look?

Goddess braids can last a few weeks with proper care. Maintaining the style is similar to maintaining regular cornrows. Once the braids are installed well, and you ensure to ties the ahir down at night using a satin scarf or by wearing a satin bonnet, you can rock your protective braided hairstyles for up to a month.

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