I Read 200 Books IN ONE YEAR! Here’s how.

In 2018, I read 200 books —the highest number I have read in a year. This is how. On January 24, I launched by my “Bookstagram Account” @bookofcinz, quit my job and stayed home and read for the rest of the year… JUST KIDDING! If only life was that simple. I managed to read 200 books while holding down a full-time job as a manager, maintaining an active social life and I even trained for two half marathons AND travelled to seven new places. I am saying this because a lot of persons seem to think reading 200 books in a year meant that I must have sacrificed a lot, when in reality, I actually gained. Here is how I read 200 books in a year.

I Made Reading a Goal

When people make new year’s resolutions or plan their yearly goals, most do not include reading on the list. But, why? Many think it will be something they will just get done during the year or see reading as a hobby (which it is) and not something to actively do or put some thought behind. In 2018, my goal was to read 150 books, I wrote it down and to reinforce that decision, I logged on to www.goodreads.com and made my year’s reading goal public. Just saying you want to read more isn’t a goal unless it is written down and there is some plan around how you are going to achieve that goal.

I Made Time To Read

It is not enough to have a goal; you must have a plan that specifically includes how you will read. Reading requires putting aside uninterrupted time each day and this is where a lot of persons fall off. For me, I tend to read two to four solid hours a day; a lot more on weekends. I know we all live very different lives. There are persons who can only get 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading time a day and that is fine. Use those 30 minutes to immerse yourself in the book you picked out. Nine times out of ten — when you are enjoying a book — you WILL find time to read it.

I Researched my Books Before Reading

Before I start reading a book, I go on Goodreads to read what it’s about, I read the reader’s reviews and I make sure to pay attention to the friends who I have similar ‘bookish’ taste to. I also research the author to see if I have read and enjoyed something by them before. Take the time to look back on the books you’ve enjoyed and the authors you love and go from there. However, I strongly suggest researching a book before you decide to read it.

I Launched my BookOfCinz Blog

Launching a book blog officially  meant that my second job is reading. I never thought I could read so much until I had books showing up in the mail, updated my library card and decided that I would have to stay current with new releases. Yes, BookOfCinz became a part time job, which means I read a lot more than I had originally expected.

Meet ‘Bookish’ People/Follow ‘Bookish’ Accounts

Joining a community of readers really motivates you to read and read more. Following ‘bookish’ accounts on Instagram and seeing them posting about the books that I’ve read or want to read makes me happy and reinforces my drive to read. I cannot stress how important it is to have a community of readers who encourage you to read — even when you don’t feel to.

There you have it, how I read 200 books in a year. I know, 200 seems ridiculous just typing it, but it is a huge accomplishment for me. It’s the most I’ve read ever in a year.

Please do not let my crazy goal stop you from setting a practical, feasible goal for yourself. Decide how many books you want to read for the year and crush that reading goal. I want that for you. Also, if you aren’t following me Instagram please do, @BookOfCinz. I want to hear all about your 2019 reading goals. •

Cindy Allman is a Caribbean Girl Reading the World. A Jamaican living in Trinidad & Tobago, she is a top Goodreads reviewer and hopes to inspire you with her passion for books. Follow her at www.bookofcinz.com or @bookofcinz on Twitter and Instagram.

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