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Are you ready to jump-start your financial wealth in 2019? I thought so, that’s why I’ve created 10 awesome money tips that you can use to manifest more abundance into your daily life RIGHT NOW! But first, let’s talk LOA (Law of Attraction) & manifestation. If you think manifestation is a little too “out there” or “woo woo” for you, just hear me out.

The word “manifestation” simply means to bring something into being and using the Law of Attraction, which when broken down at its core simply means that “like” attracts “like”. The Law of Attraction works on the basis of energy. What you put out, you get back. I think that’s a pretty simple concept. Now, based on scientific research, we understand that everything is made up of energy. Even our thoughts carry energy because they inform our behaviour, which in turn creates our reality. So wouldn’t it be fair to say that your thoughts whether conscious or unconscious can create your physical reality?

The thing is, our subconscious mind controls all our behaviour and emotions which then “manifests” as our actions through our physical body. Thus, if we change the way we think about money, our actions and behaviour towards creating financial wealth in our lives will change as well. That’s why your money mindset is vital to generating more financial wealth into your life and business.

Here are my “10 Money Mindset Tips” to begin shifting your life from one of lack into a state of abundance.

1. Gratitude

One of the key tricks to attracting more money into your life is through being super grateful for the amount of financial wealth you are currently experiencing. This is the first step to generating more money. Personally, I keep a journal where I write down 3 things I’m grateful for every day.  This helps me to stay focused on what’s going well in my life so that I can act from a place of love and happiness.

2. There is more where that came from

Whenever you are going to spend money, especially if you’re going to pay bills, it’s common to feel anxiety or tension — especially if you grew up in a household where money was tight. One way to combat this feeling is to tell yourself “there’s more where that came from.” You can actively say this out loud and claim more abundance into your life.

3. Don’t reject good money/abundance

Have you rejected good money by offering a product or service for free? Maybe 10 cents fell out of your pocket at the grocery and you were too ashamed to pick it up off the ground? Or perhaps you went to dinner with a friend who offered to pay for you, but you said no?

4. Look for signs of abundance in your daily life

Remember that abundance doesn’t always mean financial wealth. It can manifest as an all-expenses paid vacation, a vacant parking spot and saving money on an item you purchased because the store was having a sale that you weren’t aware of.

5. Don’t restrict. Plan instead

Don’t restrict yourself from spending money on the things you really want. Instead plan for your income before it arrives, then you can allocate the necessary funds to your expenses and still save enough to spoil yourself a little. Restriction comes from reminding yourself of the funds you don’t have. We restrict ourselves from purchasing the products/services/experiences that we really want because we believe that we won’t have money in the near future.

6. Have a “Rainy Day” fund

This is a bank account that purposely exists to save you when things go wrong — as they inevitability will, because life isn’t always peaches and cream. Automate a percentage of your income through a standing order or bank transfer to this account every week or at the end of every month. It could be as little as $50 a week or $200 a month.

7. Stop Playing Guessing Games!

One of the biggest challenges I see women struggle with is the big guessing game. Answer me honestly, do you know the exact amount in your bank account right now? If not, we need to fix that ASAP. Don’t play guessing games with your money. Have you ever guessed how much money was in your bank account to see if you could get your nails done or go to the movies with a friend? It’s time to stop that right now. Go sign up for online banking and look at your figures daily. Do not be afraid to face your money head on!

8. Fair Trades

Money is a measure of value, we all know this but do we pay attention to what we are giving our value to? We often spend our hard-earned money on things that do not add any real value to our lives. So, before you whip out that blue bill, I want you to ask yourself “what value is this bringing into my life right now?”, whenever you’re buying a product or service and “how will this contribute to my life positively five years from now?”

9. Watch Your Mouth

How do you talk about money? Is it in a positive, abundant way or from a place of deficit? Do you say things like, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “I’m not a bank” or maybe, “I’m broke”? If so, then you are claiming these situations into your life. Change that right now! Replace those negative words with more empowering ones like, “I can make money easily and effortlessly”, “money loves me and I love money” and “I can experience more abundance every day”.

10. “Those Rich People”

How do you think about people who have a lot of money? Do you think people with money are bad? Greedy? Sleezy? If so, then you will never experience massive wealth in your own life. Instead of being that jealous green monster, when you see someone winning, celebrate their wins and be happy that abundance is flowing in their direction. Remember, what you give is what you get, so send out those good vibes only.


Kristen Alexis is a self-made entrepreneur, she is the owner of The Girl Boss Empire, a marketing and branding company that supports women in business through workshops, online classes and individual coaching.

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