Just Got Engaged? Here’s How To Avoid Turning Into Bridezilla (If you aren’t one already)

Weddings are often referred to as one of the biggest events of a woman’s life. Some would say that it’s a monumental point as it marks the start of a lifelong commitment. As beautiful as this sounds, I’m certain that many of you know of brides that became a bridezilla (if you aren’t already turning  into one yourself). Of course it’s not that you aren’t a loving, understanding and kind person anymore but you just can’t seem to shake the tantrums or avoid getting upset at your loved ones. After all you’re now an engaged woman planning such a special day in your life and you want every detail to be perfect while feeling super stressed.

Instead of having your bridesmaids mad at you because you’ve seemingly become a mean, picky, control freak that they secretly call bridezilla, here are 4 ways you can avoid turning into bridezilla:


Ask for help to carry the burden

As much as you may believe that you can do it all alone girl, you’re going to need help. There’s nothing wrong with having your dream wedding planned and believing you’re the best person to execute those ideas, but realistically, getting a reliable person to assist would make seeing these ideas come to fruition much easier and faster.

Ask a reliable family member (it doesn’t always have to be your mom) or your maid of honor to handle a few tasks. If your budget would allow you to, hire a wedding planner or coordinator to help with the strategic planning, liaising with vendors and ensuring a smooth flow for the event. After all it is an event you’re hosting and like any other major event, it requires a good team to get the job done.


Find ways to keep yourself calm

Feeling stressed almost seems to come as a byproduct of wedding planning. Most brides complain about the planning taking a toll on them since it requires a lot of attention to get everything they envisioned as perfect as can be. This is more reason to take some time away from all things wedding related intermittently to relax and de-stress.

Take some time for yourself – go to the beach with your fiancé and enjoy the sea breeze or book yourself a spa day with a girlfriend or two. You would be surprised to know how much this simple time away from the planning helps you to feel less anxious.


Accept that it won’t be perfect

Many brides would tell you that they have been dreaming of and planning their wedding day years before they had any clue who the lucky guy was going to be. Naturally this means that they expect the day to be perfect. I mean if it’s all

planned since age 15 and your Pinterest boards are filled with wedding inspirations, how can it be anything less than perfect? Right?

Unfortunately that might be wrong to believe. Striving for perfection on your wedding day has a huge role to play in all those not so nice behavioural reactions mentioned earlier. In fact, accepting that things can go wrong beforehand helps you to be ok on the day if anything were to. So it may rain when you needed it to be sunny, your bestie might spill some champagne on your beautiful bridal gown or your dad might just be a little too drunk when giving the speech. Regardless, try to remember that this adds to a great story that you will probably laugh at with your soon to be husband as you guys reminisce on the day. Not to mention, many things are probably going to work out perfectly fine.


Remember to enjoy the journey

Finally and most importantly many brides become bridezilla because they focus on the details so intensely that they disregard the fun time they should be having with their spouse, family and friends. Most of the minor details that you have been stressing about such as the floral arrangements may never be remembered by any of your guests (or even by you).

While you want it to be one of the most beautiful events you have, take some time before the wedding to go hang out with your bridesmaids. Have a drink (or a few) and enjoy the time you have with your friends and family. Chances are you may not get them all in one place again for a very long time so maximize on the opportunity you have to before and on the wedding day. Most importantly, remember to laugh, dance and enjoy the start of your new exciting life you are about to embark on with the love of your life.

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