Easy ways to reboot your skin after a night of drinking

Ladies, have you ever been guilty of waking up with your head pounding, the room spinning and you can’t seem to recall what got you to that point? As you’re lying in bed, you vaguely begin remembering last night’s third round of beers, some tequila shots, a couple margaritas and of course that long Island iced tea to top it all off. Then of course the questions start coming like “How could I drink so much?” followed by lines like “I’ll never drink again!” … until that ridiculously stressful week pops up and lands you right back where you started.

Deny it all you want but the truth is too many of us have been there before. You wanted a great night out with the girls or you just got really carried away at the cooler fete with your team, and now that you’ve had one drink too many, your body is making you pay for it. One of the more unfortunate realities of drinking a lot is that your skin is never afraid to show the whole world just how much fun you had the night before. Although we may not be able to help you get over that hungover feeling immediately, there are some solutions to the skin problems you might face right after a crazy night.

Drink lots and lots of water

The bad news is that alcohol does a great job at dehydrating your body and your skin, so as much as we love those drinks, too much of them can definitely deprive your skin of vital nutrients that help to give you that glowing look. The average adult human body is approximately 60% water but it could feel more like 6 percent after a night of heavy drinking. Ensure to have as much water as you can the next day to rehydrate your body, plus

you’re guaranteed to visit the little girl’s room a lot to hep flush any toxins right out.

Hydrating Face Mask

There’s a big chance that the morning after heavy drinking would leave you with some puffy eyes in addition to super dried out skin. One simple yet effective way to regain some hydration is by applying a hydrating face mask. One great mask that’s easy to make at home is a combination of banana and organic honey. When applied to a freshly washed face and left on for just 20 minutes, it leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. As for those puffy eyes, it turns out that green tea bags soaked in cold water and applied to eyes for 15 minutes could help, as caffeine decreases swelling by constricting the blood vessels under the skin.

Detox your body

So at this point your liver is already doing its best to get rid of all the toxins it received from those alcoholic drinks, but so too is the rest of your body. A great way to bring your skin back to its

lustrous state is by having cold pressed fruit or vegetable juice the day after. Juicing with the right combination of fruits and veggies is an easy way to rid your body of the toxins and at the

same time restore hydration. For instance, you can easily regain your natural glowing skin with a simple cold pressed beet juice that’s made up of 1 beet, 1 carrot, 1 peeled lemon and a handful of parsley.

Get some beauty rest

Finally and possibly the most importantly, after a long night out your body is probably begging for a good night’s rest. We’ve already established that your skin is unavoidably going to wshow the

signs of being tired and dehydrated, so what better way to reboot the skin than by getting some hours of sleep in? Your body does a fantastic job at recovering while you rest anyway so why not help it out by making some time to rest. Honestly, the solution to your skin problem could be simpler than you thought: Late night last night, early night tonight.

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