5 ways to cure the post-Trinidad blues

We’ve all been there, you have headed back home for the holidays and had the most amazing time filled with non-stop liming, your mom’s Trini food and days spent on the beach. Then when the time comes for you to pack up and leave again, the feeling sinks back in — that feeling is all too familiar. It’s all consuming. The heartache. The emotional turmoil. The tears shed at the airport next to KFC at the departure area. And while the initial pain may be tough, the lingering memories are truly the best. The flashbacks of blissful days not too long ago occur so frequently that the readjustment to your ‘normal’ life seems almost impossible. This is currently my state and if I’m being honest, the 8-hour time difference between Dubai and Trinidad does not make it any easier.

This week has been rough, to say the least. While jumping back into work almost immediately hasn’t even been the worst part, I’ve been walking around like a zombie trying to get myself readjusted to the time difference. My first true jetlag experience has not been kind. Perhaps what upsets me most about leaving home this time is the time in which I left. Christmas was perfect and Carnival is just a few weeks away. Hearing everyone talk about the upcoming fetes triggered SO much FOMO before I even left. The fetes do it more for me than Carnival Monday and Tuesday, truthfully. There are times when all I want to do is just go to a fete and let loose for a couple hours but unfortunately the total experience is impossible to replicate elsewhere. The closest thing I can get in Dubai is a night out at the local Jamaican bar — but still, that does not even cut it.

The post-Trinidad blues are very real and I’m currently suffering first-hand but I hope to recover within the next week or so! Here are some of the ways I will try to cope and shake this feeling off.

Playing soca at work, home and everywhere in between

While this may seem counter-productive, it actually isn’t! Listening to soca all of this week has made me feel very included and given me that much needed pep. It’s the ideal way to feel in the loop and you can always imagine yourself in a fete while you’re sitting at your desk doing reports.

Get back into your normal routine

While you may be tempted to just be lazy and act like you’re still on vacation — this just makes the coping process worse. Even if you’re exhausted try to get back into your regular routine, whether it’s catching back up with the gym or another activity. This will definitely help with the readjustment and overall provide a much needed distraction.

Look over your photos

Yes, another seemingly counter-productive method that actually works. Looking over my snaps this week has filled my heart with so much joy and gratitude. The reminiscing has definitely helped me to appreciate the relationships back home and it will help you, too! I promise you won’t be sad but just really eager for your next trip home.

Keep up with your family and friends

Keeping in touch when you’re away isn’t the easiest task and it’s one that I’m no expert at. However, I’ve made some progress and I can truly say that talking to your friends and family back home makes the blues seem almost worth it. Again, you will be filled with so much gratitude and happiness to know that despite the distance, your loved ones are just one message away!

Restrict your time on social media

While this one is also quite tricky and I certainly am no expert yet again, restricting my time on social media this week has served as a sort of cleanse. It’s easy to get caught up in even more FOMO when you’re seeing other people’s photos popping up every second, so I would suggest limiting your time at least for a few days. It has helped me get back into the swing of things and even made me appreciate my life where I am.


Kim Seelochan is a Dubai based Film Publicist for Warner Bros. Pictures obsessed with all things movies and fitness. She’s a Trinidad native who is still trying to master the art of adulting.  Follow me! @kimseelochan.

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