5 Fashion Trends We’ll Be Seeing This Carnival

What’s the time Mr.Wolf? Bacchanal time! Carnival. A time to wear things you may not usually be seen in at any other time of year. A time to show up and show out, if you so desire. But, if you need some help figuring what’s in and what’s not, then this article should give you an idea on what’s trending so you can incorporate them into looks for this season.

1. The Fanny Pack


Is it the 90’s? Nope, but the fanny pack is making a major comeback in 2019. Fanny packs date back to the French in the 15th century where a small bag that hung from a belt called a chatelaine was worn, but then became popularised in the late 80’s/90’s by Americans and the British. Named for where it rests (just above the butt, or the “fanny”, if you will) it holds just about all the essentials you’ll need to fete. Phone? Fanny Pack! Tickets? Fanny Pack! Vex money? Fanny Pack! Maybe a flask? FANNY PACK!

In 2018, brands like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton revived the trend and has made its way to our shores in 2019, just in time for Carnival.

2. Neon


Carnival is all about bright, bold and lively colours. But this year you can bet neon is the wave, and its not just going to be clothing. It’ll be hair, nails, accessories basically anything you cad add to your body. In 2018, runways in New York, Paris and Milan saw designers grabbing this trend by the horns and creating everything from 3-piece suits to joggers — and even ball gowns.

Plus, we’ve already seen Patrice Roberts take front with this in her neon pink cycle shorts and crop top over the last weekend. So, make a mental note that hot green, pink and orange will be popping up almost everywhere.

I won’t lie, these can be intimidating to wear, so the best place to start might be with accessories like a bag, shoes, jewellery, or you can close your eyes, jump right in and immerse yourself in the brightest of the bright.

3. Artwork on Clothing

@iwannabrands/ instagram

Pieces inspired by contemporary art are all the rage these days and I’m certainly not mad at it. Covered on runways by Versace over the last season, it meshes fantasy, art and fashion. Known for being eye-capturing, what a better time to be breaking necks with your outfits than Carnival? Also, Carnival is all about our culture and it’ll surely give some of us the chance to create cultural statements (if you wish) with our clothing choices. Meaning you can recreate your own interpretation of the art that we see, know and love and make your own statement piece.

4. Sequins


Sequins? For Carnival? Groundbreaking. *Cue the sarcastic eye-roll*. But it’ll never die simply because it always demands the attention it deserves. And, in this season you can wear it day or night, and certainly NOT limited to just clothing. We’re doing sequined bags, shoes, jewellery, everything.

There are a few general rules once you opt for wearing sequins but follow them and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Pair with other textured pieces for fierce contrast.

If your sequin piece is patterned, the rest of your outfit should be neutral. But if it’s monochrome, then go right ahead and play with patterns. Its all about balance.

Don’t overdo: One glittery piece at a time. You are not a disco ball!

5. Tie-dye


It’s like we’re kids again, except this isn’t an after-school activity in dying some t-shirts with friends. Originally Japanese technique known as shibori, it ideally prevented dye from reaching certain parts of the fabric to create psychedelic patterns and free-flowing forms. But today we associate the pattern with hippie- culture from the US.

And for Carnival, it’ll be integral in creating some bomb outfits. Being a trend that popped up on runways in 2018, its far from what you recall wearing as a kid. Its fun yet sophisticated and has more a street-wear appeal as opposed to being hippie-associated. For the more casual outfits, I can see tie-dye definitely taking over this Carnival season and even flowing over into vacation time (July/August).


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